Woodcutting in Darkscape

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Welcome to my guide on Woodcutting in Darkscape. While I'm writing this, I'm level 94 Woodcutting, currently on my very last stretch to becoming level 99. I have noticed that it in Darkscape, woodcutting efficiency is a bit different than in RS3, so I'm going to cover a few basic things. I'm not going to cover too much about level boosting or experience boosting, because you can find normal RS3 guides for that.


What I am going to teach you however, are locations that are beneficial to use when woodcutting, and also I'm going to talk about locations for higher tier trees. Note that all high-tier trees are marked on the world map with a rare tree symbol, look for it.


Locations found below:


Yew tree: Zanaris (1) (North-east of windmill), Otto's Grotto (1) (House south-west of Barbarian Assault minigame)


Ivy: Canifis (3+1) (On the west side of the bar, plus one on the east side) Wilderness (3) (In the ruins south of The Forgotten Cemetery, west of the Bandit Camp).


Magic tree: Wilderness (2) (Just north of the lumberyard outside of Varrock), Wilderness (3) (East of the Red Dragon Isle)


Elder tree: Canifis (1) (Just north-west of Canifis lodestone), Wilderness (1) (East of the Red Dragon Isle, with the Magic Trees)


Crystal tree: Fremennik province (1) (South-west of Rellekka, on the path to the Lighthouse), Observatory (1) (Just north of Castle Wars), Brimhaven (1) (Next to house portal)


Levels 1-30


This is of course the easiest stretch, and most should know how to do it. Make sure you get a tinderbox and/or a knife and put them on your toolbelt, and don't bring anything else than the best hatchet you can wield (you can get a steel-equivalent hatchet from Major Mary Rancour south-east of the Burthorpe lodestone)


You can easily do normal trees anywhere until you reach level 15 by either burning the logs and making a bonfire, or cutting them into arrow shafts. I recommend arrow shafts, as they sell for 3gp each, and every normal log gives 15 arrow shafts, giving you a net profit of 45 gp for each log. This can be vital income for upgrading your hatchet once you reach higher levels.


Once you reach level 15, go do Oak trees just outside of Draynor. The best location is the three Oak trees located just west of the lowest level Divination pool, just before the bridge to Wizard's tower. There are also three oaks located west of Draynor bank, use those if you want to bank your logs.


Levels 30-68


This may to some be the most boring stretch, but don't worry, you'll earn plenty of money doing this. There are however some traps you may fall into, like chopping willows next to Draynor bank. Do not, I repeat do not chop willows close to Draynor bank. It is way too crowded, giving you less exp per hour. In theory it is the best location, but realistically not.


The best locations I have found for chopping willows, are just west of Barbarian Assault minigame (can also be crowded at times), and just south-east of the bar in Port Sarim (you can even deposit your logs on the docks, though it is a bit further than the bank options).


I recommend storing and making arrow shafts of all your willow logs, so make sure your fletching level is up to speed.


You are going to chop willows all the way to level 68, so steel yourself.


Levels 68-90


You have several choices once you reach 68. Realistically, yews are not very fast as of yet, but they are much better moneymaking than Ivy, the other alternative. A third alternative are maples, but they are slower and do not yield as much money as yews.


What I did here was go to Canifis, to the west wall of the bar, and chop the three Ivy spawns there. Note that Canifis is a high-threat area, so you should expect people to attack you there. However, if people are killing you, just hop worlds and keep going. As long as you just bring your hatchet (rune+ hopefully at this point), they will get nothing from you, and the spawn point is literally just 10 steps away from the Ivys.


A neat trick here, since the gamemode is so new, is to bring a Strung rabbit's foot, so that you get more bird's nests. I have gotten over 70 bird's nest only in Canifis, and you can often find highly valuable seeds in them.


Levels 90-94


Now this is where things start to get interesting, and also complicated. Elder trees, available at level 90, are very good for moneymaking, and the trees always last 5 minutes before depletion. However, they also take 10 minutes to respawn. This makes it difficult to chop them full-time. Luckily however, there is an Elder tree north of Canifis, so you can chop Ivy while waiting for them to respawn.


Note that Elder trees will start the 5 minute timer the first time you interact with the tree, so if you start to chop, it will keep depleting even if you stop (the respawn timer also stops if you log off). Getting at least a Rune Hatchet on these trees is vital, as they won't deplete any slower if you have a lower tier hatchet.


Another way to chop them is to first do the one in Canifis, bank your hatchet and logs, and then set your death respawn to mage arena bank. Usually there are people with weapons inside Canifis, so give them some free pvp experience by punching them, so they kill you. Then take your hatchet out of mage arena bank, and run east, and then south past the mage arena and down to the other Elder tree, located east of the Red Dragon Isle.


When you have chopped that one, run west and a bit south to reach the Wilderness Volcano, the site of the Wilderness Grand Exchange, and bank your logs and hatchet. Without any items, use the Canifis lodestone to get back and repeat.


Levels 94-99


At the final stretch you will finally outgrow Ivy chopping as the best exp source. Now you want to seek out Crystal Trees. As far as I've seen, Jagex has removed most of the crystal trees in Darkscape, leaving only three known locations behind. This is good, since you are guaranteed to know where to go next once the Crystal Tree changes location, by the hint given by the dead crystal tree.


Crystal trees change location every 2 hours, and works a lot like Ivy, in that it doesn't give you any logs, just high exp rates, and the chance of getting a Crystal Giode, the Crystal tree version of a bird's nest (yes, Strung rabbit's foot works here).


There are only three locations to check, and that is South-east of the Lighthouse (west of Rellekka), in Brimhaven, next to the house portal, and north of Castle Wars (west of the Observatory). One of them is activated, and you just have to bring your hatchet and start chopping.


Once you're there, you can chop for 2 hours before you need to switch locations. At this point you will be over half-way there, so don't worry and keep going until you've got that Woodcutting cape.


Distractions and Diversions


Okay, not all of the activities I will mention here will actually be D&D's. What I consider a D&D is an activity you need to wait a long time in between doing, but give rewards that are better than usual training.


Evil trees


This one is quite obvious. It is the staple woodcutting D&D, and no serious woodcutter should go a day without doing them twice. They give amazing experience (at least if you find a higher level tree, which I recommend).


If you are woodcutting, it's also good to set it as an active task. That way you will be messaged 5 minutes before the next evil tree appears. If you are doing crystal trees, you may want to bring a teleport to Camelot so you can easily bank from both locations when it is time).


Use the lodestone to Edgeville, and go east into the Grand Exchange (make sure you have the agility level for the shortcut), and run to the Spirit tree and ask about evil trees (or sapling, if has already appeared). It will reveal a hint. Google the hint together with the words "evil tree", and you will find out the locations.


Now go to those locations and chop the roots, then continue to chop the tree for massive exp gains. After you are done, make sure you can easily run to a bank, because you want to claim your reward. If you still have roots to burn in your inventory, just run to the bank, deposit your stuff and try to go back. It's not the end of the world if you lose them, but if you're worried, bring food too, and perhaps protection prayers, so you can use them up before you are killed.


Bloodwood trees


At level 85 you can go to the Wilderness and chop Bloodwood trees, giving you fast exp, but limited logs. They only respawn every 6 hours, and I found them at three locations: South-west of mage arena, south-east of Rogue's Castle, and by the Chaos Altar south of Graveyard of Shadows. They may be good to chop, but I usually only bother with them when I'm chopping Elder trees.

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