Where The Runescape Player Stands

This is a general theory on the power the player has accumulated over the course of events in game and where they stand relative to the other powerful beings of Gielinor and the current Revision. It is important to consider the two different definitions of power:


1) Physical strength and force exerted by something or someone.


2) The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

As it is in game, the player is already born with the potential for a great deal of physical and magical power. In game, this is represented by levelling up our combat skills. Once these are maxed out, the most skilled combatants are capable of defeating some of the most powerful beings on Gielinor. I deliberately only include those beasts that have been soloed.


- Araxxor

- Kalphite King

- TzTok Jad

- ROTS Barrow Wights (all at once)


We have even defeated opponents who have a relevant place in lore whose power levels are easily compared to other beings.


- QBD (said to have the magical power of the Dragonkin, despite being hindered by her size)

- Lowerniel Drakan (described as one of the most powerful vampyres to set foot on Gielinor)

- Nomad after touching SOJ (said to be nearing godhood with his power)

- Nex (a Zarosian general feared by the gods themselves)


We have even defeated two Tier 7 Gods, albeit with help from magical artifacts of sorts.


- Bandos Avatar

- Dark Lord


In terms of representing this in the game world, our character is able to dish out some serious damage. Hits of 12K are possible, with certain abilities boosting this cap further to 20K or 30K. Notably, Lucien, during ROTM, would hit 10K when his power levels were nearing godhood. Nomad would hit 9K in Nomad's Elegy. Azzanadra, when infused with the power of Zaros during ROTM, hit roughly 19K damage on Lucien.


Even with all of these comparisons however, it must be noted that the player's attack speed is much much higher, making damage output over time significantly higher in our favour. Even Icthlarin, a Tier 6 God, was doing damage around the 10K mark in Nomad's Elegy with a VERY slow attack speed. Granted this probably would have been higher if the creatures he was attacking had more HP. 


In MPD, Icthlarin repels the dragonkin fire with a shield, which he admits he cannot hold for long. Yet the magical powers of the QBD are said to be similar to that of the Dragonkin, which we can easily stand against for short periods of time as well. An obvious counter point to this, however, is that the Kin have long been gaining power since the QBD was created. The Kin are very powerful now, but it might still be possible for a non-divine being to kill them. Clearly Sliske has shown to be more powerful then some of them.


All of this goes to show that the power (by definition 1) of the player has climbed to the heights to rival that of the demigods (Tier 6) and perhaps even creeping up on Tier 5.


Now this would not be particularly helpful to stand up to the gods since the majority of them have different forms of godly magic at their disposal. Creating portals, manipulation of mortals, shrinking and growing their size are things that would ultimately lead to our defeat if Guthix had not made us World Guardian. As a result of this power bestowed on us, the player is not just immune to divine magic, but can now stand toe to toe with the weaker gods due to our own accumulation of immense power.


Azzanad*a even remarks on this himself after FOTG:


"But I'm not entirely sure you are human anymore. No, you are something else now."


We know we are not ever capable of becoming a god, but we have transcended all other mortal races in our accumulation of power. We are no longer human, and thus are no longer constrained by the physical and magical limitations of humans.


Now to address the other definition of power.


The player is the most important figure in this current Revision. How to back up this claim? Well, first of all, we are central to every development in lore and history that has happened since we began our adventure in the last year of the Fifth Age. More tellingly, however, is that 2 of 3 known transcendent gods have expressed how important we are for things to come.


Guthix was first to see this, and perhaps mostly made it true by making us World Guardian. Zaros sees this, this is the reason he wishes to keep us close and on his side. A being who wants complete control of the universe would want to keep the most important person in the universe close to them. Even Sliske, a being who loves to pull strings and manipulate others from the shadows understands how pivotal we are to the unfolding of events.


In Nomad's Elegy, Nomad claimed that we are the subject of some divine game and that we are being played with. I laughed when I read this, because the obvious reality is that we are playing a video game and the exact opposite is actually true. But, then I realized that this resonates with our character as well. Our character is the one who is shaping how events are unfolding at the end of the day, and they ultimately have influence over almost everything and everyone. This is precisely what the second definition of power is. In this sense, we are the most powerful being in this current revision when it comes to influence.


The conclusion of this is the notion that the player is beginning to achieve power similar to that of the gods. We know we will never be a god, but we are at a point where none of the weaker gods would be able to easily cast us aside. The stronger young gods would not do so either, for fear of how our decisions could impact them. If we continue along this path, we will need to be the one to stand toe to toe with the Elder Gods and demand they show respect to us and all mortals.


I unfortunately could not do the halloween event this year, so I don't know how difficult it was to kill the Avatar of Amascut. I do know that four braziers had to be lit to damage her, but this is something we've seen elsewhere: Daemonheim. So not necessarily the mark of godly powers.


If someone could tell me how often details of Halloween events are considered canon, I would appreciate it. I am unaware if this is the case.


As for the Bandos Avatar, well this did occur in the 5th age, so we had yet to acquire our World Guardian status, so we likely needed some other way to mitigate godly powers. This was also much earlier on in our adventure and we had likely accumulated far less power at this point.


As for the Dark Lord, the light puzzle was being used to activate the seals of the Elf clans in order to restore Prifddinas, not to weaken the Dark Lord. Once we had defeated the Dark Lord, we completed the next part of the puzzle while he recovered for the next round of battle.


I do mention above that we had help from some magical artifacts as well. I guess we can't directly compare ourselves to T7 or T6 gods, because we are not a god. They will always have powers we cannot, but we will have abilities they cannot have either.


EDIT: Remember that Bandos used to be a T3 before Chosen Commander. Obviously Seren is a T2, so we were battling the avatar or aspect of some of the most powerful gods.

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