Tutorial Island Quest

This quest is not and was never intended to bring back Tutorial Island as it once was. I have no intentions of suggesting that Jagex bring back Tutorial Island; at least not in its previous form.



My Runelabs submission for a quest answering the question "What happened to Tutorial Island?" won and will be implemented into the game. While I do have many ideas, I want to openly discuss ideas for this quest with other players because Tutorial Island is very important to a large number of people.



This question was inspired by this PoP notification:

"Your ship <ship name> has passed a sunken island once fabled for its school for adventurers."


Explaining Tutorial Island to new players:

I have seen a few people concerned about explaining Tutorial Island to newer players. I’m not sure why some are so caught up on this but it is as simple as saying something like:


It was an area where new adventurers used to gather to learn basic skills to survive in the world, but it lost its popularity to other places offering to teach the same things that were closer to large cities.


I want to recreate Tutorial Island as an underwater area. Ideally, I would like to see the quest focus on underwater creatures who now inhabit this area.


In short, the original draft of the quest told a story of a colony of various underwater dwellers under the rule of a vile monster. These were the same underwater peoples who Guthix had contact with in the past. They had been wondering the sea for ages searching for a new home after theirs had been destroyed. The adventurer would be tasked with ending the tyranny of the monster ruling this area.


There are a few issues with this.


1. The Runelabs submissions were not allowed to be connected to the gods.


2. Dev time is a concern.


They won't be able to create the whole underwater city, sadly, but they did comment that a part of the city may be possible. I would love to see the Underwater City mentioned in the 2016 update survey become this city next year, but I feel greedy asking for that, however, there are players both for and against this idea. 


If they create new creatures and a new area there's almost an obligation to delve deeper into that lore. Which could mean more quests. Which feels extremely greedy and it's not something I really took into consideration before I proposed the idea. I have no intentions of asking Jagex to essentially create a new quest series and my plans are and have always been for this to be a single standalone quest. 


Do you like the idea of this area becoming an underwater city? Why or why not?

So far, the only complaints I have seen against this becoming an underwater area are fears of nostalgia. I address the “nostalgia” complaints in this thread. Please read that section before you repeat that argument.


If players support the idea to connect this quest with the future underwater city I can create a new Runelabs submission specifically for that, but again, I am and have always been seeking a medium, standalone, intermediate or experienced quest.



I have also considered the quest revolving around the Leviathan. The Leviathan is a mysterious creature mentioned in a few other areas of the game. Little is known about it. The Leviathan is said to be massive and could have sunk the island. If the quest was to surround the Leviathan it would be much more realistic for the dev time allotted for this quest. Much more of the quest could be spent on the surface world talking to people and completing puzzles to learn more about this creature. A portion of the underwater area could be created in which we come face to face with the Leviathan. 


I had a conversation with another player, Zoli Ben. He suggested the inclusion of Mogres in the quest. Little is known about the Mogres, but it is thought they may have been a part of the God Wars. If the underwater inhabitants of Tutorial Island were the same people who inhabited the underwater city connected to Guthix, which may have been destroyed during the God Wars, and the Mogres were a part of the God Wars, the Mogres could be responsible for the destruction of the underwater city. The people of that city and the Mogres may still be fighting today, but this time they are fighting over land. This is basically just an expansion on my original idea.


I am also considering just handing the reins over to Jagex. Without going in to detail, I have a lot going on right now and if this becomes a huge issue where most players are not satisfied, I don't want to deal with it and frankly, I might not have the time. These are things that came up after I submitted the suggestion so do not come under the guise that I maliciously submitted an idea knowing I wouldn’t have time or something lol… We all have lives and sometimes things come up. I hope everyone can respect that.


That being said, I know not everyone is going to be pleased no matter what. If you are completely upset with what comes out of this quest, oh well. Not every update can be tailored to your liking. I will do my best to communicate with players and listen to feedback and I am sure Jagex will too, but I can't make everyone happy. There are plenty of quests that I hated and some may despise this one. Sorry.


I think some are too focused on the fact that it's "Tutorial Island" instead of just thinking about the fact that it is an island that sunk. My idea has very little to do with the tutorial itself. Actually, the only part of the tutorial that may actually relevant to the quest would probably be Vanna*a.


This is not and has never been a quest idea specifically about the tutorial or the past or "nostalgia." Think of it as a quest about an island that sunk for an unknown reason. How did it sink? Do any creatures inhabit it now? What is their story? The possibilities are endless when you introduce a new area like an underwater city. It opens up doors for a lot of new lore and interesting characters.


Tutorial Island is just the name of a piece of land that sunk. Nothing more. 


I understand the concern. Nostalgia can sometimes hold the game back. Any player who is asking for Tutorial Island to resurface solely for exploration without anything added should know that it is unlikely to happen. Resurfacing Tutorial Island and keeping it as a memento would not add anything to the game and it would never be used because there would be no reason to regularly return there.

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