The reason why Legacy is an abomination is because it is built within the EoC system

I have played Both Deadman mode and Darkscape, I have a good idea of what both modes are now and i would like to give my feedback on Darkscape to help better this mode for the good. I will be focusing on quick points on this mode.


3 economy system:


Darkscape was build on the idea of forcing players to Travel to different zones in the world to stimulate some sort of caravan system in the game. The intention was good but it completely failed in all aspects.


Players only are only using the Low version of the grand exchange because its easy and less effort/risk to move items from zone to zone.. The Ge tax was put into the game to try and force the smuggling and it has horribly failed. Players to player trades in the low zone is what i see now rather than following the caravan concept.


Overall it failed and the system should revert to a single economy system.. If anything i think removing the grand exchange on this mode would be good.


Important changes


1: Revert the world map back to the Standard Rs3 map when you revert to a one economy system.

2: Put Darkscape on worlds on Rs3.. Similar to How Deadman mode is on Osrs.. This is vital for the survival of this mode.

3: Make it so you lose all items on death.. This is meant to be high risk pvp.

4: Completely Remove protect item prayer.. This is meant to be high risk pvp.


Combat stuff (oh boy, here we go.. Legacy mode fixes)


1: Use the old accuracy formula *yes go and get it from Osrs, its whats needed to make Legacy better*


2: The Tier system is awful for pvp and just makes everything static and boring.. Yes your working on armor diversity but its not good enough.. Please look at bring back the old system used back in the day for armor it was done perfectly for the type of combat the game is and would benefit legacy.


3: Don't nerf items past 75... its just a dumb idea.. i am sorry but it really really is.


Why the old Gear system and accuracy formula?


This is what made old combat work so well, Look at Deadman mode you don't see people one iteming even though its possible. This is because armor has a MASSIVE impact on accuracy without causing penalties to your offence.. Mages splash on Dragon hide for example.


This just needs to return..


Side note: I really hate legacy combat.. so i am going to be harsh on it always.. its not as good as eoc nor old combat.. its like the step son no one wanted.. sorry but its true.. If id get my way id have it completely removed.. its just not worth it.


No Safe zones:


Safe zones need to return i think follow deadman modes example.. they work well the way they are setup on there..


I get we have the 3 risk zones and different amount of gaurds.. but it just feels clunky please follow what deadman mode did its rather well to be honest.


Run energy:


We have Rest.. it makes the point of having the Osrs run energy formula pointless.. Please for the love of all that is holy either remove rest or Revert the formula...


Teleporting with items:


Not allowing us to teleport because of the risk zones make sense.. However The economy system doesn't work.. please just allow us to teleport with items however keep the slow teleport time..

It works well.


They should just get rid of Darkscape.


The reason why Legacy is an abomination is because it is built within the EoC system. If Jagex only never released EoC in the first place this whole matter could have been avoided.

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