The invention runescape skills

I've heard about this, and mining clay in new school Runescape made me think of the invention skill.


I was thinking of making a scimitar out of clay, and since it's not technically, smithing/smelting it wouldn't be apart of those two(smithing/smelting). I've never been into the sacred clay scene, but I would assume they would be the better form of clay. Making a clay scimitar and doing something to it to make it stronger a.k.a sacred clay.


But, I was thinking the invention skill would involve items like clay, being able to create other items that are in game, such as a scimitar, platebody, etc..


Invention Skill: Using resources to create pre-existing RS items.


I also can't post on the forums on my F2P account, which I find pathetic, even if there are specific post areas for F2P users, or a F2P forums, which segregating the two because one doesn't make purchases to your game is completely stupid, and also the membership benefits that actually make the game what it is for me are unavailable until I go drive to seven eleven and buy me a Runescape membership card.


Honestly, if there was a new game, I would probably leave Runescape because you're selfish ********, and all the money you've made to create such a trash game.. ****.. I cannot bare to see you upset when you speak of Runescape. I am just so frustrated with everything that's happened and I haven't specifically pinpointed all the things that make me frustrated. It's possibly scattered throughout forum post.. Locked ones.


There's just so many things that contribute to my anger, and even the fact that you silence your players for speaking out when I'm not causing no where near as much harm as the players you probably created the mute button for, and ban button for.


I believe in the good in every person, and that every person is extremely intelligent, because it's true, but in the heat of the moment people.. become something that appears to be the antipodal.


If this isn't the invention skill, then you have another cool feature you can add to the game.


I was really getting into the Runescape grind, having fun, until I was smithing and came across not being able to smith my bronze arrow tips.


I'm still trying to think of what should be purchased in online games.

Paying to play an online game is out of the question.

Paying for things that put you above players in combat/training is out of the question.

Neither of those should be implemented in playing an online game.


Now, when I search for online games, and it's not free, I'm not playing them instantly.

I don't care how good the game is, I don't think that's the direction we should be headed in at all.


Do you deserve to make money from your creation to sustain your living of doing what you love to do? Yes.


Do we deserve to have a good game full of content for free? Yes, whether we pay or not.


I hate the fact that I start to get into a stride of success in Runescape and then it's like, "Well you need to be a member."


I'm aware of the focused minds that Jagex and people who exist in this world like the creators of Jagex, some would say "the illuminati" a.k.a "the enlightened ones". People who have been through similar experiences as everyone, but learned more than the average person, although the average person is supposed to know everything about X, or "the enlightened ones" learned something important out of X than someone else or a vast majority of people. Those are generally the people who are forum mods, in game mods, etc...


It's no secret possibly, but it is definitely not being told. I notice the difference in the way that they speak opposed to regular players that I come in contact with.


I'm sure there's a lot I've left out as always, by trying to cover everything that comes to mind, and remembering what I initially wanted to express, but I'm about to go ahead and get off NSRS and get into OSRS because OSRS is WAY more entertaining at the start as well.


I have a screen shot of me having 5 character's left, and it saying I needed to use 2,000 or less characters...


Smh. Had to make a whole'nudda post because of these broken forums.. but honestly.. I always cut you some slack because I understand how much work you guys put into the game so there's a lot that you may not be focused on that's still frustrating players in game, and it's not that you are leaving things broken, sometimes things just happen, I guess. And I understand when you think of something and you think it's a brilliant idea until you realize that it's missing a ton of things, and the worst is to have someone else tell you what it's missing, but then again this is all subjective, you can emotionally handle situations different based off of your life experiences.


I really can't get into a flow with NSRS and enjoy it. It felt like a drag trying to do everything that they were telling me to do at the beginning of the game in Burthrope. I would have much rather not done the tutorial and just started training my skills, but without a membership I didn't plan on getting far.


I planned on making a F2P account and seeing how far I can get as a F2P player, and not continuing to raise my stats past levels that require a membership.


I'm not going to use willows from 31-99 woodcutting for example.

I'm going to train up to 31 woodcutting, and stop, and show you that I can only gain x amount of experience in x stats as a F2P player, and you can be the judge of how fun this game actually is as a F2P player, although I'm sure you know.


I really want to master the game so I have a ton of knowledge of the game of Runescape, so that suggestions I offer will also be cohesive, and I can also offer suggestions that are related to the continuation of things in game, such as quest, by remembering what an NPC said and seeing where I could go from there, and I know it can birth things like new areas, minigames, quest, skills, etc..


I also DO NOT understand how buying an topaz machete cuts faster than buying a regular machete.

What on earth made someone think that a poison/slightly fuschia/pink colored machete would make you swing at a tree faster? No my friends, that is called 'Strength'.


I'm sure people creating pures, and skillers and Runescape accommodating those types of players has ruined actual logic within this game. Skillers didn't want to gain combat, so implementing strength with woodcutting would have made all the skillers cry about their combat moving from level 3, but in all honesty, it wouldn't, only a majority of them, not actual skillers, but people who are fans of level 3 combat and are wrapped up in this idea that level 3 means skiller, and it's untrue.


Yes, those things are amazing in game, and it's always nice to see a pure or skiller especially because they are unique, but there's a way to make things work together, without fixing Runescape's logic and making skillers no longer exist. A skiller is someone who is focused on training non combat skills, this does not mean they cannot get experience in a combat skill that will help them progress non-combat skills quicker.


I was trying to start a fire on regular runescape with a knife, but I had this huge sword on my back, and a tinderbox should be in my toolbelt as well. It's things like that, that just make me go.. wtf.. I should be using the best tool for the job.


Agility involves the entire body becoming faster, high agility + high strength + high wc = fastest wc. See?

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