The construction rework will be included in the Runescape 2017 Survey

Hello! Recently it has been known that the construction rework will be included in the Runescape 2017 Survey. This post will explain why I feel you should place your vote on this update.

1. Main Reason why you should vote

Overall, construction is extremely outdated content. Many players used their Player Owned House to organise parties and other facilities. While nowadays the only facility being used is the prayer altar, the rest of it is just dead. I believe these are the main reasons:


- Graphics: Let’s be frank, the graphics are just not of this time anymore. It is off-putting to say the least. Not only that, but most player interacting animations such as sitting on a chair or looking at a chart are only but a few frames.

- Facilities: The only facility mainly being used is the altar to offer bones to for prayer xp. The rest is barely used. Portals, while looking cool, are overshadowed with lodestones. Dungeons are laughable, and the games room is just dull.

- House Building: This one is also one of the worst. The current way of building rooms is too stale and barely allows for customisation and planning. There needs to be a completely new way to build our rooms. Perhaps decide where the doors will be, or more flexibility in where the hotspots should stand!


2. Some POH Ideas

Besides reworked graphics, I’ve come up with some other ideas that could be possible in this rework. Any ideas suggested in this thread will also be added, with credits to the person who suggested it.


2.1. New materials

Wood, nails, limestone, etc. are our main materials. Perhaps these could be included:

- Ectotokens: Exchange these for materials to build your own ghostly furniture and redecorate your house to a ghost house!

- Trading sticks: Exchange these to get bamboo, to build bamboo furniture and redecorate your house to something more tropical.

- Tokkul: exchange these to get obsidian building materials. These can be used to make your dungeon more Tzhaar-ish, with new furniture and wall and floor decorations.


2.2. Music Player

Allows the player to play a different music track from their music list. They can choose a theme for their dungeon and surface separately. The player can only choose a track which they have unlocked. Visiting players will only hear, but not unlock this music track if they haven’t.


2.3. More POH Thmes

TokHaar Gol

POH's could get more house themes such as:

- Elf

- Vampyre

- TzHaar

- Goebie

- Dwarf

- Ancient

- Daemonheim


2.4. Dance room

A room (or perhaps even a new story) which contains your very own dance floor! Players will dance when standing on the floor. Also includes sitting tables, tropical drinks bar and a turntable to change the music around.


2.5. Farming plots

Perhaps it's time to make gardens more useful and more beautiful. Perhaps this is the right time to have our own farming plots, our own compost bin as well! Perhaps this compost bin could produce ultra-compost!


2.6. Mannequins

Ah yes, have you got some armour sets you are proud of? Well, Let’s place some mannequins in our costume room! You can clothe them with the armour that you want to show off!


2.7. More Crests

Crests could be much more than they are now, they can be used to display your achievements all over the house? Are you prestigious in questing? A billionaire? Did you kill so many bosses? It will be show all over your house with wall decorations, perhaps window decorations or even on the carpets!


2.8. More fun games in the games room

We could have more games in the games room. What about adding Runelink? Blackjack perhaps?


2.9. More decorations

Our POH*s need to be more personal! What about recolouring our carpets? Our curtains? More wall decorations besides crests?


2.10. Altar God Decorations

Zoli Ben: 

"We need more variety in terms of altar decorting. Zaros altar? Make it require TTAS and have it switch to curses! Seren one? The Light Within, and this should enable prayer and spell switch for the altar."


2.11. Spirit trees, Edge Rooms, Bathrooms


- Perhaps add a Spirit Tree hotspot in the middle of the regular/fancy gardens. This would allow more convenience in reaching your POH and add some extra kick to the scenery.

- Plots that restrict the boundaries of your Estate. They could be called Edge rooms and you could build walls or possibly light forestry as the boundaries of your house. This could also add a unique spin on houses and boost creativity and expression when it comes to building your POH.

- A bathroom. Maybe just for the puns.


2.13. POH Advertising


"A free way to advertise your house at the portal would be nice. Really need a way to house parties going again. It's the only use for them other than g alters."


Jon Stryder:

"A noticeboard by each portal, listing all the houses which are able to be visited. Allow players to set a house 'examine' text via the POH options which is displayed on this noticeboard, with a right click 'quick enter' option. Add some sort options and filters to help find the house you are looking for (such as only listing houses belonging to players on your friends list or in your clan), and you are all set."


Perhaps POH vexillums are also a possibility?


2.14. Lost Leprechaun

Kid Maniac: 

The Falador Leprechaun is missing! (The farmer in Falador who's name escapes me) found all your farming tools on the ground and will act as your tool Lep until you are able to track him down and make sure he is ok! This could have a whole quest line with rewards including access to a leprechaun area/city and farming rewards, the main reward from the quest could be an allotment patch in your POH. Further quests in the line could add tree and fruit tree patches to the house.


3. Invention integration

This one could be interesting. Perhaps invention could be more involved with construction. We already have a monkey butler, what about an invention workbench in our workshop? Garden sprinklers? More dangerous traps for our throne room or dungeons? Mechanised kitchen utensils to prepare dinner? This could all be possible with the right ideas!



4. Surface construction

Now this is also one interesting feature that may be included if you vote! I have no idea what to expect from this, only that it could be something awesome!



5. Level 120 Construction?!

This may be a bit of a controversial idea, but let's be open about it. Suppose construction goes up to level 120, it could mean benefits such as:

- More awesome house upgrades

- More money that'll sink


Construction may be an expensive skill to train on it's own, but this was the intention when it was first released. Also, perhaps there may be less expensive ways to train construction if that is much desired. It all depends on how much money needs to leave the game and how much enjoyable the skill should be for a player's budget.



6. Other Sources

In the past there have been many suggestions which have grabbed attention of some Jagex moderators such as Mod Kelpie and Mod Osbourne. These ideas could also spring to life again! Below are some sources. (Note, any links are from the Runescape site)


6.1. Museum POH room

Source: Runelabs - idea number: 27453

An idea by Michael7050.


6.2. Ideas that were polled but haven't passed

Source: Runelabs poll - archive 2015

- Resource Dungeon

- Greenhouse

- Hotel

- Treasure Vault


7. Closing words

There you have it, more than enough reasons why you should vote for the construction rework. It will contain both a POH rework, and surface construction. Two birds, one stone.


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