The 1-runescape item fix you don't want

If you want runescape to be a pvp game, you need to look towards implementing other mechanics from pvp games to solve your problems.


probably the #1 way to stop spawn camping as we know it now would be the revive fee. call it what you like, soul sickness, res sickness, death toll, recently revived, tons of games make use of it. In general, you need a method of keeping recently respawned players useless for just a short duration. I'll provide ONE POSSIBLE example of how it could work. if you like the idea but not the way i'd impliment it, say so. the more ideas the better:


My version of soulsickness in darkscape:

If you die skulled, you respawn with -50 levels in all skills, and 0 (zero) adrenaline, run energy, prayer points and summon points. note that because constitution has been halved, this means your max hp is effectively halved as well. you gain a buff called "recovering soul" for 3 minutes, during which time all of your skills will regen to full, however, prayer and summon points will only regen at 1/3 the rate, leaving you with 33% of your prayer and summon points at the end of 3 minutes. additionally, altars and obelisks will not hear your call until the end of the 3 minutes.


unskulled death results in half these penalties, restoring in 1.5 minutes, including having 1/2 your prayer/summon/run/adren on respawn, regening prayer/sum to 100% in those 90 seconds of recovering soul.


what this accomplishes:

you will very likely not be able to equip your weapon for most of the 3 minutes due to missing level requirements.

if you immediately reskull you will have low enough prayer that you will most likely lose your weapon to smite.

increased demand for potions to restore stats after death, namely restore/super restore/prayer potions.

pvp exp grinding will be limited to using weapons about 40 levels lower than normal and will be about 60% of the exp gain due to lower hp and lower attack/str levels.


you can still 1 rs item, but abusing respawn will be difficult.

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