Telos is a definite example of the downhill trend Runescape bosses are facing

Telos is a definite example of the downhill trend Runescape bosses are facing, and is making me wonder if Runescape isn't already a bullet spam, fast reaction game. Okay, that should be fine for most high frame per second, lag free mmo that has keyboard movement rather than lazy mouse click system. Please consider revising your bosses, Jagex, or consider revising your game tick and movement for your bosses are becoming less and less compatible with your laggy, 0.6 second game tick system with each new boss update ever since raids (a joke as no game makes you go in groups of ten for a raid), no, in fact, since kalphite king was released. To be honest, kalphite king was my least favourite boss due to the very stupid green attack that is the game's first one hit ko other than jad for incorrect prayer and requires another player to provoke the boss?? After that, we see an ongoing deteriorating trend - Vorago launching his one hit ko bomb unless you got like 4 to 5 maxed players tanking his initial blast, Araxor spawning one hit ko explodo spiders and now Telos with his one hit ko anima bomb that looks like a rip off from Goku's spirit bomb in Dragon Ball Z. Wake up Jagex! This is not a bullet hell, bullet spam game. I know loads of rpgs that involve them. But Runescape is RUNESCAPE. These new bosses are stripping the game of its originality such that players may as well play Runes of Magic or League of Legends instead as they got World of Warcraft style ability bars needed to fend against their boss mechanics too. I played Runescape because while it was turn based and click movement, it was at least relaxing and did not require as much tension and adrenaline as other hard core games which Runescape is trying to be but fail at since its new bosses do not work with the current lag and movement. Also, while freezing our screens, the way Telos kicks our asses off beams that I sometimes misclick on when trying to get in shows Telos is not even tested before release.

You are wrong. Go check OSRS and compare it with the disastrous mutation of RS3. Oh, and just in case someone says go play OSRS then, let me remind you you have to start all over again. I have no intention of starting back on square one with zero cash and level 1 all stats (a stupid concept that kills off OSRS since a lot of us will be or are working then so no time to start over from scratch). Since you sound like you are new with the comment you just made, you will find that before we used to have 100% protect prayer and that we took turns hitting the monster. That was Runescape. The original, proper Gower Runescape. But now it is half Gower and half World of Warcraft which does not seem right at all. You want to reform the game with 'interactive bosses'? Jagex should test their EOC system and revamp such as letting players move and attack simultaneously or letting bosses and players launch mechanics and abilities at each other at the same time. So far at Telos, everything is like scripted. I use ability on Telos, he uses his normal attack. Then after a few attacks, what the hell? Tendril bind that I have to deal 3k damage on and if I have bad luck, I never get to reach that damage before Telos heals back like 15k. Also, what is up with that stun and giant leap? Believe me, it's still turn based except I need to make two actions everytime he does that?? Let alone the horrendous lag, if my freedom is on cooldown because I panic press it everytime his right arm comes down as all his attacks are exactly the same, I'm dead, or near dead. Mechanics are awkward too. You run INTO lasers to save yourself? Enemy gets empowered by them? Enemy walks you off the lasers? Should be the other way round. Lasers should be avoided and the enemy should not get empowered by them. That's how lasers work.


So in other words you somehow manage to absorb lasers, don't get kicked by Telos off the beam, are lucky enough for Telos not to shove his arse up the beam for a super power up, kill golems without luring Telos into red beams when golem is too far away and all the while watching him for his healing tendrils and insanely OP stun and leap attack? The mindset of some players astound me - that they can't see how wrong Telos's mechanics are. Well, after this let me tell you what goes on at the end - enough to put me off killing him more than once after 45 failed attempts and only one success at 0% enrage. You get a stupid rigged WHEEL from the Squeal of Fortune which you sweat over for rewards you would have gotten regardless when you hit 'stop'. And above all, the rewards are lame - 300 to 500k after chugging 10 brews, weapon poison ++, overloads and eating 30 rocktails due to lags, freezes, insane mechanics and multi tasking with golems etc on phases 3 and 4. That is not enough to cover me on one successful run let alone all my other failed runs which equally lost me out on more supplies as well as reclaim cost from death. Even the loot is disastrous, putting the final nail on the coffin so don't smirk at me when you realize after all your glory runs that you made less with what you started out and is probably buying bonds (most likely the scheme behind this boss). Everyone can tell on day one this boss is dead content due to lags, mechanics that don't suit game play and mediocre loot locked behind a squeal of fortune reminder wheel. You'd be lucky to even make 300k loss if not more let alone a break even. And if you chain for bigger rewards? I've heard everyone say its not worth chaining - you risk all for the same rewards you'd get when not chaining. Whats the point of this boss? Either revise it, or remove it*

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