Summarizing the RS products

Runescape Classic - The original game. Only open to players who had created accounts from the beginning or during open periods and kept them active.


RS3 - The "main" game. Legacy and EoC options on combat style.


OSRS - "2007"scape. Basically Runescape before the GE and other changes. Then some of the RS3 content like quests, bosses, and GE added. But still the older feel.


Dark*cape - The "2015scape" with Legacy combat and pvp everywhere that some people requested and craved for a long time.


I'm starting to see why some people fear the separation of the RS community.

At the same time, some could consider DarkScape to be the ultimate testbed/beta server.


Players can test that variant without having to worry about what it does to an RS account they've maintained for years.

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I'm Mod Deg, a content developer in the team formerly known as "Team 1", and now "The Watch". You're most likely to know me from the recent Tuska and Raids updates, but I'm told that I used to work on other updates.

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