Some needed The RuneScape Warbands history

I've been doing Warbands continuously since the beginning and feel this update is both poorly designed and blatantly open act of corruption. I feel to people need to know a bit of wbs history to understand the issues with this update and wbs in general. The reason is, is that the people that pushed for the changes in this update are the same that created a monopoly that charged 25m+ RS Gold for admission to warbands. These folks created a fc which monopolized wbs and caused the first major wbs nerf. This update enables these folks to do it again.


I agree that there are issues that need to be addressed but in a fair and equal manner. People of all levels should be able to participate. Small groups and individuals should be able be encouraged to counter a single fc/clans so large they monopolize warbands again.


After alot of thought I think an runescape item req'd for Warbands, similar to the Demonic Skull should added. This runescape item I'll refer to as the "Mark of Treachery". The Mark of Treachery would teleblock the carrier and loot could only be collected or pk'd with it. Also, this runescape item would be "charged" with loot since a full loot leaves only 3 inventory available, it isn't viable to loot as a mage much less pk with loot in inventory. When killed the Mark is destroyed leaving items equal to it charges on the ground, the runescape items charge whoever collects's Mark. Logging out with the Mark of Treachery destroys all charges.


1. Players can now be attacked while looting a Warbands tent.


The reason invincibility while looting was introduced was so individuals and small groups could loot without being piled by 10+ people. Once done looting people could always get piled but could tank to safety if skilled. Also, even though originally players were attackable while looting, normal wilderness combat level restrictions applied so low and med players only competed with other low and med players.


2. Players may attack others outside of the normal wilderness level restrictions when carrying supplies.

The problem here is people attacking people not doing warbands. Thus I would suggest Mark of Treachery remove combat level restrictions between carriers.


3. Chat options on Quercus now allow players to toggle whether they receive coins or supplies when killing a victim holding Warband supplies.


A good idea to make it easier make money with warbands as originally supplies dropped by looters turned into coins. But pking for coins would be without risk as pker "loot" the coin and tele without risking running to Quercus. Also whats to stop someone from making a few alt accs to kill at camp then log or tele out with 500k+. So instead I suggest a Mark of Treachery, the charges could turned in for xp or coins like loot reg loot. Pkers that only want runescape gold need to still need risk, the Mark"s teleblock does this.


4. Supplies will now be converted into non-tradeable versions when exiting the wilderness.


Supplies were never tradable. What happened was alts would leave the wild to charge people, the people then killed the alt for supplies. Thus "trading" supplies. This currently continues even after this update, the only difference is people are using a third party to recieve payment. Tbh there will always be selling as long as supplies are pkable, even with an item like the Demonic Skull all that will happen is a higher price.

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they can now basicly make my life hell. following me to banks and stores, attacking me when i bank or shop so i will either lose my runescape items or simply lose access to the bank/store.


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I've come to realize what I'm dealing with is an Indonesian rs gold farming company. They're hiring these people to play this game and farm monsters for runescape gold and have different people assigned to different worlds, and are selling this rs gold online for real life money.


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