Runescape Smithing Update Feedback

New Bar Recipe


The new bars recipes seem fairly well set up I have only a few thoughts on that particular thing. My biggest wonder is were and how do we get Imcandum and Dragonsblood as the secondary requirements to make adamant thru Orichalcum. They sound very much either needing to be store bought or monster drop. Alternative method to get some by monster drop is fine as long as there is a non monster drop way to get it. But store bought to artificially keep the price stable because of that I don't like as much. Hopefully another update will shed more light on this matter before it is released.


The second thing is about coal being reduced to just 1. Depending on how much you alter existing mining spots across the entire game this runs into a problem. Coal rocks due to the high need for it in current smithing set up vastly out number other ore locations. But even just areas like Mining Guild (37 rocks) and the Coal Trucks (18 rocks) allow you to bring huge amounts of coal into the game with little work. And that isn't even taking into account outside factors like Managing Miscellania which with right set up and some good gp put into it can net upwards of 20k coal over time. I literally have not had to buy coal in over 3 years. And I regularly sell 30-60k coal at a time to make money thanks to it.

I'm not suggesting you jump it up a lot but depending on how much you alter the coal set up maybe return steel to require 2 coal and mithril to need 3 coal. This would also allow the blast furnace assuming it is still keeping it's reduce material by half effect to need only 1 iron ore and 1 coal to make steel and 1 mithril ore and 2 coal to make a mithril bar.


Storage Crates


Interesting idea to deal with higher level metals needing large sums to make a single bar. While I don't think it was covered in the stream if it will be a one use then gone. Or if they will function more like rune pouches allowing you x number of uses before needing to be replaced. Or simply once you create it is yours till the end of time set up. I personally lean towards the rune pouch degrade set up were after lets say 4-6 uses it breaks and you have to create a new one. Simply to keep the demand of the bars up. 

T70-90 Smithing Chart


This one gives me a lot of questions to ask. I understand the point of the work order as item sink resulting in high exp gain and how folded bars work for making master work. But what is with the tertiary stuff to make standard things? It was only given a single sentence explanation while the rather obvious work orders were explained a lot more in detail. It frankly contradicts the bar recipe and really makes no sense. Particularly since it was made clear they were untradeable.


Now when dealing with master work gear requiring folded bars + untradeable tertiary item makes more sense when you are making a master work item. If I'm making a Necrite plate body with 5 bars. I shouldn't need 5 bars and 5 untreatable items to make a single plate body. Even if I only need 1 untradeable tertiary item to make a Necrite plate body it still is very bad set up. 


I don't know your lack of explanation about this aspect raises so many questions and so many possible complaints depending on how it will ultimately function. 

Honed Master Work Item


This is actually a fairly interesting idea. A rather nice set up way to bring and old bit of content back into use as well as create a bit of an item sink for lower level items.

New Armor Stats


Rather nice spread set up allowing you to advance in tank armor for putting more effort into training it. I have some thoughts on it but it will be covered later in thread.


New Hammer/Pickaxe


The new hammer idea for players post 99 training is rather interesting. But why not simply use the Blast Fusion Hammer? Have players buy it off the Dwarf in Blast Furnace for 1M gp and rather then it degrade to dust after one use it is what players use to speed up smithing. After all needing to spend a minimum of 1M gp to make a single T60 plate body armor has been stupid for a very long time in this game. 


I don't have much feed back on the new picks or the refund if you have crystal pick. My only thoughts on dust providing extra bonuses is that they are limited to maybe chance a double ore from rock or increase mining speed.


Nerfwatch: PvM


This is the part that I'm sure sends the most people into fits of rage. I am not one of those people as this move is very very good. The fact that slayer, bossing and PvM in general out class in money making with 0 risk is a problem. The fact that PvM provides quicker and larger sums of resources for skilling is an even worse problem. 


And before anyone starts up if you die against anything in PvM in this game not only is it rather easy to reach your own grave with most places you could die. But you can also reclaim your items back at only a fraction of their actual cost. 


So cutting back a bit on the money they can make to ensure skilling actually has some chance for profit in it as well is a really good move in my book. How ever replacing one skilling item with another to keep profit up really only shifts the problem from one skill to another. Honestly for monsters like Rune Dragons simply replacing rune bar drop with high alch gp amount for rune bar would allow it to maintain same profit margin without going from 1 run bar to say 2 herb seeds to make up for it.


Nerfwatch: Minigames


I don't understand why lava mining's exp was nerfed. It requires 68 mining, 70 smithing and 77 strength just to access since it needs King of the Dwarfs Quest to unlock. You get no items save gems from it and the only reward besides some mining exp is the very long time to get golden mining outfit and/or ability to get a gilded a pick. 


The rest as long as they are looked at some were down the road to add higher level ores and bars to it they are find with the changes. 




Most of these changes and concepts seem fairly good in their set up. My main problem is with this tertiary thing that wasn't really properly explained. At this stage while I have plenty of extra suggestions I don't have very much in the way of complaints against the current proposal you guys are working on. As well as I find the Lava Mine exp reduction rather silly as it is a mid level mining power training spot. 




-Do not try to compete between new player made armor and boss armor and weapon drops. Integrate them into each other. Rather then boss dropping whole armor or weapons to be picked up have them drop a weapon/armor add on instead. Instead of just getting Nex armor piece fully formed you get an add on that you apply to player made armor to get upgraded version of it.


For instance instead of getting Torva chestplate drop you get a Torva chest attachment that you add to a Master Work/Honed Master Work Invictum Chest plate to get a Torva Chest plate. This can even work for T90 power armors as you need a base Honed Master Work armor that you then apply reinforcing plates and malevolent energies to that you get from boss to create the armor. 


This works so much better because rather then compete against each other you are integrating skilling and boss drops with each other.


- Make all weapons and armor degrade from a bronze dagger all the way up to Malevolent armor. They would be repaired not with gp but with bars of same type or assorted items used to make it. AKA Necrite gear would require Necrite bar(s) to repair it. Torva chest plate would require another Torva Chest plate accessory drop from Nex to repair it to 100% again.


Problem with how the game is set up now is that items flow into the game at a very high rate but leave the game in more of a trickle. This over time causes the price to hit rock bottom. Creating a constant need to use them to repair best gear for level items would allow more of them to leave the game thus reducing the amount they drop and extending how profitable boss drops are longer then current set up.


-If your boss drop upgraded armor fully degrades before being repaired rather then simply break and become useless or degrade into nothing in the case of T90 power armor. It simply reverts back to the base player made armor losing all the bonus stats or effects the upgraded version gave. 


Using Torva example again once it breaks it would revert back to Master/Honed Necrite armor and would lose the bonus damage and HP boost associated with Torva armor set. 


-Range and Magic armors desperately need a similar update. With a fix for those Rune Dragon Drops. Instead of Rune Bars give them new metal hide drops that can be used to craft T80 range armors. And with Magic armor you can maybe expand farming letting players use seeds to grown plants that you then weave into armor and enchant with runes. Similar to how Dg has the magic armor set up.

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