Runescape New Smuggling Skill

Since so many players dislike the current smuggling system, not due to the danger but rather due to the boredom and how it screws up quests, slayer and other game content. And there's no real reward for smuggling.


How about removing the 3 banks and 3 GE's and replace it with a new skill called "smuggling" instead? (Or even replace dungeoneering with this new skill)


The danger areas would be kept but we would have one bank and one GE*.


The smuggling would involve moving items between Smuggling stations that would be located at fixed location around the world. The smuggling station would have:

- guards (low and mid only)

- a bank NPC

- a smuggle NPC.


You would talk to a smuggling NPC at one of the locations and get a smuggling contract to move the value of all noted items in your current inventory from the current station to another. The noted items would be removed from your inventory and added as a tally on the contract in the form of the current GE value of said items. Note that the noted requirement excludes smuggling money, to prevent you from just smuggling the same gold heap over and over again.


While you have this contract in your inventory you would not be able to teleport. The contract cannot be banked nor traded nor dropped. And you would have a special skull or icon over your head to make you a target. The skull/icon would not be visible close to the smuggling stations.


The only way to get rid of the contract would be to:


- Die (50%, or somesuch, of the contract value is dropped**)

- Return it to the Smuggle NPC where you started (cancel contract, 50% or somesuch of value returned)

- Turn in the contract at your destination.


Each successful smuggling session would reward you with smuggling XP and a monetary reward related to the GE worth of your inventory plus a percentage based on the distance between the stations. The original items would not be kept.


The amount you can smuggle (and thus reward) would depend on your smuggle level.


Each smuggle station would have a smuggle level requirement. Both in terms of where you can start and how far you can smuggle.



* The GE could still have different taxations per area to act as a gold sink, but that is unrelated to the smuggling skill as such.


** percentage based on the smuggling level of the killer? As an incentive for people to train the smuggle skill. Never above, say 80% though, or else it could be abused.



The details of this skill would need to be discussed/ironed out of course. But the above is provided as a general idea.

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