RuneScape Item - Third-Age Status V15

This post is for talking about the third-age armors. You may use this post to discuss third-age, post current prices, or speculate about future prices. See below for more information about these cool items!


Post Rules and Guidelines


- When reporting a trade, it is helpful to include the item, the price, whether the trade was in the GE or in person, how recent the trade was, and whether the trade was instant or noninstant (if in the GE).

- Third-age items are fairly low volume, so you should treat any price on this thread as a guide and not an exact value. We only have the last reported transaction, not a real-time update of GE trades. Third-age items are all members' only, so you may wish to be extra cautious when free players post prices.


- If you disagree with somebody's opinion, or have a conflicting offer, you are free to say so politely. Please do not flame other players or post allegations of in-game misconduct.


Occasionally, some players may post price lists on this thread. These lists will have the following format:


Melee: Helm/Body/Legs/Kite

Range: Coif/Top/Bottom/Vambs

Mage: Hat/Top/Bottom/Ammy

Druidic: Wreath/Cape/Staff

Druidic Top/Bottom ranges


b = instabuy/noninstant sell (rounded up to nearest million)

s = instasell/noninstant buy (rounded down to nearest million)


History of Third Age


The melee, ranging, and mage armors were released in December 2006 as fabulously rare rewards from hard clue scrolls (back then there were only 3 types of clues – easy, medium, and hard). As Jagex wrote..."The luckiest players will be given items from the 3rd Age sets, which cover all combat styles and consist of level 65 armors whose stats justify the rarity of their appearance." 


Overall, the idea seems to originate from J. R. R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings series. In Tolkein's universe, the Third Age is the time when the events portrayed in the original trilogy happen. (The crowning of Aragorn as King Elessar marks the beginning of the Fourth Age, the age of men.) 


Because there were very few of these items around for many months, they were initially traded for large sums of money.


The original third age sets are one of the few items not to have been graphically updated over the years, and so they still retain their old 2006-vintage looks (exception is the mage top, which was somewhat shortened). 


In July 2010, Jagex announced that they would be introducing a fourth type of “elite” clue scroll, with the possibility of rewarding the adventurous with new third age druidic armor.


Because it is highly desired among wealthy players and quite rare, third age druidic is much more expensive than the other three armors. 


The drop rate of third-age from hard clues has been revealed in OSRS:


Experiments done by the unofficial wiki suggest a similar drop rate of 1/3600 in RS3 for third-age from hard clues. That's 1/3600 for any piece, and 1/43,200 for each of 12 pieces. 


In May 2015, Jagex revealed the druidic drop rate from elite clues as 1/7426 for any piece, and 1/37,128 for each of 5 pieces.


Third-Age Melee Armor


Examine text: Ancient armor beaten from magical silver.

Requirements: 65 defense


- Third age plate armors provide more armor and health than bandos, but no offensive or prayer bonuses.


- Third age plate armor is the most expensive melee armor in the game. Third age helmets are a lot cheaper than the other armor components because most people wear santa hats or partyhats with third age armor, rather than the helmet.


- This armor, particularly the helmet, resembles the melee armor worn by Gondor soldiers in the Lord of the Rings series.


Third-Age Ranging Armor


Examine text: Ancient range protection crafted from white dragonhide. 

Requirements: 65 ranged and 65 defense 


- Third-age range tops slightly beat royal d'hide bodies in armor bonus (10 difference). The other ranged pieces are all equivalent to royal dragonhide. 


- White dragons were hunted nearly to extinction for their valuable hides. You will encounter the last white dragon, Therragorn, during the "One of a Kind" quest.


Third-Age Mage Robes


Examine text: Ancient mage protection enchanted in the Third-Age. 

Requirements: 65 magic and 65 defense 


- The third-age amulet provides the same magic critical bonus as an amulet of fury, but offers no prayer bonuses. 


- The other third-age mage pieces are slightly inferior to Ahrim's robes and robes of subjugation in armor/hp bonuses. However, they do not degrade. 


- Of all the third-age armors, the mage items have seen the most changes and glitches. Before the RuneScape HD update, the third age robe top had the same model proportions as the desert top, barely extending beyond the waist. After the HD update, Jagex ambitiously lengthened the robe top to below the knees of the character model. This lead to numerous clipping and stretching issues. In late 2009, Jagex shortened the robe top to above the knees, fixing most of the clipping issues.


Third-Age Druidic Robes


Examine text: A fabulously ancient [wreath of oak/woven robe top/woven robe/vine cloak/gnarled staff] as worn by the druids of old. 

Requirements: 65 prayer and 65 defense for the robes; 65 prayer (for the staff) 


- Following the EoC update, the robes became magic-class. Initially, druidic lost its prayer bonus, but a few months after EoC this bonus was restored.


- The druidic staff is the only third-age weapon currently in existence. It is a very weak melee weapon.


Third-Age in the News


On September 5, 2012, the melee armor was slightly reworked for female characters.


On January 7, 2014, the druidic cloak on female characters was updated to match the male version.


On June 20, 2014, Jagex created a poll asking players if they wanted a third-age graphical rework. 70% is required for the poll to pass. With only 63% in favor, the poll did not pass.


Third-Age on the Grand Exchange


The easiest way to buy most third-age is through the grand exchange. The limit on buying third age is 2 items per armor type, every 4 hours. Therefore, buying a full third age outfit of a single type will require you to buy 2 items, wait 4 hours, and then buy the other 2.


The GE median prices of these armors can be off by a lot at times (particularly for druidic) because these armors are traded infrequently enough that their prices don’t update every day. Some of the druidic prices don’t even update once a month.

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