Runescape Invention and Automation

Invention should be, in part, a skill that helps you spend your time in game doing the things you want to do.


That’s the philosophy behind the pie maker and its ilk – rather than performing each stage of making each pie, an inventory at a time, you’ll be able to create something that you fill up with the raw materials (and divine energy) and that then makes pies out of them over the course of the next minutes or hours, albeit slower than you could by hand but without supervision.


Net result: more pies in the game and therefore more chance you’ll choose to consume one; more demand for and value of raw materials that aren’t just sitting stagnant in the economy; and instead of spending your time running ingredients around you’ve been able to go killing and skilling while your machine gently does the tedious bits.


I’ve left room in the skill for more machines and devices like the pie maker: things that automate a processing ability that’s currently just too tedious to do in significant bulk. Beer brewing might qualify. Churning, likewise.


Mining runite, not so likely… I don’t want to just automate the core of the game. We have rules against that sort of behaviour.


Since these are for the benefit of youse guys, I want to hear from you. What do you currently spend time doing because you feel you have to rather than because you want to? What do you not do at all because, even though you’d like to have done it, the process itself is too fiddly or finicky?


(If you’re going to suggest an automaton of some sort for gathering bowstring material, some sort of ‘flax bot’ so to speak, you may consider it already suggested.)

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