Runescape GWD2 Melee Guide

New bosses are too hard for me.



You do not need any skill requirements to get inside the dungeon's main chamber.However, you do need 80 in the following stats to fight the bosses themselves:


Prayer for Gregoro*ic

Attack for Vindicta and Gorvec

Magic for Hel***

Ranged for Twin Furies


Let me assure you though, that unlike GWD1 the drop rate of rare rewards and profit versus expenditure is horrendously low when you take on the bosses upon getting your first set of 40 kill count. My advice is hold off on killing bosses until you increase reputation with the four factions so that not only do you get better chance of good loot, you also gain the ability to make refined anima armours which is locked until you earn enough reputation with a specific faction.


To gain reputation, you can do the following:

1) Get a bounty task from the bounty master who is on the same platform with the four faction representatives. Daily cap is 5

2) Hand in seals you obtain from generals (You cannot hand in the seal of a general to a representative of the same faction). Generals also count as 25 kills for your bounty task.

3) Summon familiars with 100 ingression fragments for small or 250 for large. These are the only drops from any minion you kill.


Guide for main dungeon:


After getting a bit of reputation with at least one of the four factions you would want to spend some of that kill count. It is important to note that kill count here never decreases even if you leave the dungeon. So, it is best to go in without any familiar, and just bring food and enhanced excalibur and kill minions first. After you get 40 kills or even stock up on kills until you reach the maximum cap of 200, leave the area and come back with familiars and your 'real bossing gear' to go straight for the boss.


Now, the area might get crowded due to people trying to get reputation maxed for each faction and those wanting their comp cape back. Also, the minions themselves should not be underestimated. It is also note worthy that kill count is not awarded by tagging nor damage dealt. Rather, anyone who attacks these minions will get their kill count. Ingression fragments however, is an exception and is awarded based on tagging. Therefore, it is recommended to work in a friend chat, not only for minions but also for bosses themselves as friend chats often call out what boss will be massed next. 

Bosses are unlike GWD1 bosses thanks to EOC mechanics


For those of you who find dodging bullets a pain, well, these bosses will be extremely difficult for you to handle especially when the avoidable attacks deal typeless damage. In terms of difficulty, I'd say it is extremely hard for level 100 to 120 players with gear below tier 85 to solo while easy for players of level 120 and above using gear above tier 85.


So, question is, how on Runescape do you avoid these avoid gimmicks?


The first solution is very simple but very costly:


Spam eat


Spam eating can out heal avoidable attacks in gwd2 (Impossible at ripper demons when they do the one hit ko jump mind you) but is very costly and requires sharks or above. It will also drain adrenaline unless you use legacy, which is not recommended, and if you run out of food, you're doomed.


The second solution:




This tactic requires very agile players. By that I don't mean training agility, I mean player response and reaction. The way to avoid high hitting avoidable attacks is to watch out for abnormalities by keeping your eyes open. Or if you are used to the boss, count the number of seconds before a boss special attack occurs so you move before the attack is launched.


The third solution:


Tank the hits


Here, the player can just take the hits like its nothing by shield switching and using resonance, reflect, revenge or barricade. This requires more time to react compared to dodging, so if you wish to tank a special attack, you will have to know the time it takes between each special attack to allow you to shield switch early.


The fourth solution:


Find a team


For low level players, it is recommended to find a team to work with especially if you are level 100 to 120 using weapons below tier 85. The only problem is the loot since when you split, it'll be the player with the runescape item that is at a disadvantage due to fluctuating prices. This means it'll be hard to split gp amongst members of a group.


To combat the aforementioned problem, you can opt one of the following:


Loot share: You will have to either undercut the item shard prices and make less than what you would have made or stock up on shards and grind until you get enough shard drops to make a complete item


Finders Keepers: This will mean person with highest dps keeps the item and can reduce team morale or induce conflict.


Sharing: The person getting the drops sell the rs item first on the ge, then split the money afterwards. However, this involves a lot of trust as items may sell for a lot less than ge value, making the rest of the members suspicious of the person doing the split as the value may be much less than ge price after splitting. (Of course, if the split was much higher than ge value, no questions raised about that)


Now that the introduction is out of the way, onto the boss gimmicks and strategies for a directory of detailed guides see here:


Bring with you:


Overloads, supreme overloads or supreme overload salve

Scrimshaw of Vampyrism

Vampyrism aura

Chaotic spear or better

Full torva or better

Sharks or better

Pack Yak

Super restore flasks




Possibly the hardest of the four generals


His gimmicks are as follows:


Wight summoning: He periodically summons a wight from one of the corners of the room when he yells, "Rise! My child!" These wights have 3k health.


Shadow blades: Shadows appear around the room and a second later, a rapid succession of knives will fall on those shadows, dealing a lot of magic damage.


Cloning: When he reaches 75% health, he will summon two shadow clones and periodically switch place with one of the clones. Clones have 3000 hp. When he reaches 50% of his health, he will summon three shadow clones and periodically switch places with one of the clones. Clones here also have 3000 hp.


Word of caution: He can poison


Additional items:

Super anti poison (Wont need it if you rely on supreme overload salves)



Pray deflect or protect melee and turmoil if not using scythe. Pray deflect or protect ranged and turmoil if using scythe and keeping a distance of two tiles away from boss.


My ability bar set up:

Tuska's wrath, sacrifice, dismember, sever, smash, cleave, slaughter, assault, quake, whirlwind, devotion, debilitate, berserk and meteorite strike


Slightly easier Gregorovic


His gimmicks are as follows:


Nature's Might: He periodically shouts 'Nature! Lend me your strength!' and launches blue orbs at random fungi around the room. These fungi will grow to giant proportions and emit green poison cloud to slow, stun and rapidly damage players in the area.


Bleed: Hel**r paws the ground and shouts 'You. Will. Bleed!' and leaps at you performing a double slash with his claws, dealing massive damage followed by damage over time.


Claw swipes: Hel**r swipes around him with a flurry of claws, dealing rapid damage and increases your bleed if you are under his bleed effect


Wolf summoning: Hel**r periodically summons two wolves with 3000 hp to assist him


Additional items:

Shield and main hand



Switch to shield and main hand to heal or reflect special attacks.


My ability bar set up:

Main bar: Tuska's wrath, sacrifice, dismember, sever, smash, cleave, slaughter, assault, quake, freedom, devotion, debilitate, berserk and meteorite strike


Second bar: Reflect, resonance, revenge, barricade, immortality, rejuvenate (If no enhanced excalibur), whirlwind. Rest of the bar you can decide)


Twin Furies:


Most claim they are pushovers.


Avarys's charge: She will start the battle by charging a player four times. When she charges, she will target a random player out of a group, or the player in solo. Take a few steps in one direction, and remember that she's going to charge you four times. And even if you do get hit, it's probably not going to KO you because it'll hit between 1-2K.


Nymora's Stalagtites: She will periodically yell 'Let's purge them all!' and the entire arena except the area Nymora levitates in, will be covered in falling stalagtites, dealing massive ranged damage. Best way to avoid this when you're using Melee is to just use the Barge Ability on her when she starts to fly away. The Barge ability will surge you to her exact location very quickly - so have it on your bar and just be ready to use it when she flies away.


Bomb: Nymora and Avary** combine forces in the centre of the arena and channel their powers to the centre. Run to the centre away from the edges or flames will deal rapid 1k hits. Just before the yellow adrenaline bar above each of the demon sister's heads reach zero, surge away from them just before they explode, dealing 4.5k damage. The Twin Furies appear to have their Defence lowered when they charge this attack - so it's a good time to use lots of Threshold abilities to put out DPS on them. 


Kudos to SubZero for providing most of the information regarding Twin Fury strategy


Additional items:




Pray deflect or protect melee and turmoil when fighting Avary*s or pray deflect or protect ranged and turmoil when fighting Nymora


My ability with SubZero's ability bar set up:

Tuska's wrath, sacrifice, dismember, sever, smash, cleave, slaughter, assault, quake, whirlwind, devotion, debilitate, berserk and barge

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