Runescape Authenticator Discussion

If this truly is TL;DR for you then I'd think you'd also not waste the minuscule effort posting even that. Now for those who do care, I'm hoping everyone reads this with a very mature, open mind. I've seen some arrogant posts in other threads replying to this new Customer Support Week Event. Now those of you who're fanboys of Authenticator don't get me wrong, I don't hate it either. Personally the only reason why I haven't activated it is because I downright can't afford a smartphone. In addition, my only flash drive is reserved for system backup purposes & extremely old anyway. With that said I will include a few questions at the end of this post.

Runescape Authenticator Discussion

To think that assuming most players haven't enabled Authenticator out of only personal preference isn't right. Furthermore although it's not new news, offering those suspected players XP & cosmetic rewards for enabling it is also kind of low. On the community side, it's immature to mock, laugh or even smile sarcastically at those who won't/can't get a smart phone. There's a real person behind every character, both Jagex & the elitists groups in-game need to remember that. If anyone has forgotten then here: Rules of RuneScape. Now for my own personal questions that I'd prefer be answered by a Jmod or at very least. A serious player who can site their sources via a RS Forum post or Support Center.


1: If a player enables Authenticator via a USB Flash Drive & that drive dies. How do they go about transferring & or cancelling/reactivating it on a different one?


2: Have you, Jagex, made any progress with improving Authenticator's glitches & vulnerabilities since it's initial release?


3: I thought you, Jagex, discontinued active support for J.A.G. So if it's not costing you anything, why start pushing Authenticator even harder?


4: Authenticator would only be a security upgrade if J.A.G stayed around for much longer, is it?


*Updated Personal Q & A:


Q: Why can't I afford a smart phone?

A: Even when I wasn't ill & able to work hard, income in my area is extremly low.


Q: Why don't I install Authenticator via the only PC I play on?

A: Because then it's effectiveness becomes almost non existent & even more so still if J.A.G is ever removed by Jagex.


Q: Why don't I move then?

A: Well just like a smart phone, that takes money I don't have & can't get yet.


Q: Why don't I just not participate in the event?

A: Jagex used to say that they didn't want real-life wealth to effect in-game at all, I still hold them to this. 


Q: Why don't I just quit RS if I don't agree with Jagex's business model?

A: After you've played as long as I have, you reach a point where you can't quit just as much as you don't want to. Besides the fact that this is the only hobby/entertainment I can afford.


Q: If I said my Flash Drive is pre-occupied, then why did I show remote interest in my first question?

A: If Jagex has improved Authenticator, then not backing up my personal files or having an empty USB for distant future BIOS updates might become an okay temporary compromise for me.


How Could Authenticator Be Worse Than J.A.G?


Imagine a player like me, who doesn't have a smartphone or empty USB stick. We install Authenticator onto the same PC that we play off of. Now even though Authenticator's effectiveness is significantly reduced in this scenario, at least we've still got J.A.G . However if Jagex decides to remove J.A.G, seeing many players have made the switch then well this changes everything. Now instead of only being vulnerable whenever you answer your J.A.G Questions (usually no more than once every 2 months). Access could be hacked 24/7 since the Authenticator software would always be on that solitary PC you're using.


One point given per method of security:


Current Situation: R.S Pass, R.S PIN, 5 Total J.A.G Questions, Email Pass, Email Recovery Question = 9 Points.


Authenticator on same PC & J.A.G removed: Password, PIN, Authenticator code, Email Pass, Email Recovery Question = 5 Points.


So as you can see there would be a significant loss in security but that could be remedied if Jagex added 5 security questions to Authenticator before it gave you the code.


I'm glad you included that Authenticator's effectiveness is dramatically reduced when utilized via the same PC you're playing off it. Unfortunately if I remember correctly, according to Jagex it then becomes more useless than not having it at all & I'll explain. If one answers their J.A.G questions once every couple months tops. During that time is only when they'd be at risk of the answers being leaked via malware. However the Authenticator software would be on that same PC all the time, so could be compromised whenever. Now if Jagex removes J.A.G then your account security is all the more significantly decreased when Authenticator is installed on that same PC. Finally I don't have access to a second computer, yes I'm that poor.

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