Runescape: How do I actually solo dungeons fast?

Currently, I am training range.



1. Bind - should I be binding range weapons?

2. What do I bind? Currently using Zaryte bow and full Armadyl (30M RS Gold cash remaining)

3. How do I actually solo dungeons fast?


Do as many of the Dungeoneering Achievements as you can, and keep doing them as you level up. The aura and the ring benefits will help you as you progress.


Do the Sinkholes minigame twice daily on world 134. That will help you gain levels and tokens.


Bind Range or Magic. (I Range, while taking the time to make the best staff I can for those creatures weak to magic). Melee isn't really all that effective in Dung.


Five-man teams doing Large rooms on Complexity 6 make the most xp per hour. However, if you work on your speed to the point where you can complete a C6 medium room going solo in under 20 minutes, you'll make pretty decent xp, too.


If you choose to solo Dung, do floors 1-18 on C1, or at most, C2. You can choose to do them at C6, but the xp for those floors still won't be very good. If you do decide to solo Dung, and you're most interested in Dung xp (and not skilling xp, which can be very good!), then DON'T skill! Cut staff or mine some ore to make a melee weapon to serve as a secondary weapon (some bosses require you shift between attack styles), and keep moving! If you need to plant an herb seed to make a potion, or gather some ore to make a bloodrager familiar, so be it, but don't get hung up on doing every skill patch. Take a salve eel or two from killed enemies, but otherwise keep on trucking.


If you don't want to solo dung, but finding a good team is proving problematic, see if you can convince one of your friends to join you on your Dung journey. Duos can work large rooms, and get far more xp per hour than the average soloist. They don't make the xp/hour that a 5-man team will, but they also don't have the personality conflicts that sometimes arise in larger teams.

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