Raptor's Challenge | Camel Warriors

Gielinor's home to beings of all shapes and sizes, but camel warriors are among the strangest – and deadliest.


Find them on the island just east of Sophanem and claim the level 85 camel staff, which can inflict extra damage over time and reduce your target's damage-dealing capabilities.

They're the latest creatures to feature in Raptor's Challenge, too, so be sure to check in daily with the man himself - found nearby. Hope you're enjoying the double Slayer XP!


Read on for further details, or play now!


Where to Find Camel Warriors

Get to the island east of Sophanem via the Agility shortcut


You must be a RuneScape member

96 Slayer is required to harm camel warriors

100 combat is required to be assigned camel warriors by a slayer master

Other Information

Very high combat stats and your best gear are strongly recommended


Camel warriors were born from an excellent RuneLabs pitch by Syrus Coy. These noble nomads are masters of melee and ancient magic, so underestimate them at your peril.


They specialise in a unique form of sorcery – mirages made of smoke, blood and shadow. Each type has a different ability, buffing or healing others, or stealing your prayer points. Deal with them quickly, and try not to anger too many – they're nasty when they get the hump!


If you're lucky, you'll pick up the level 85 camel staff – a mighty magical implement that reduces your target's accuracy by 5%, and applies a damage-over-time effect.


As before, watch out for the next part of the key to the Raptor's chest while you're on assignment for camel warriors.


Finally, if you've been diligently fulfilling the Raptor's assignments through the month, you'll be able to hit the 15 required to unlock the Raptor-themed cosmetic armour set. It looks pretty awesome to start with, but gets yet more imposing as you maintain kill streaks of the high-level mobs we've released this month.


The improved appearance unlocks when you kill 30 wyverns, ripper demons, camel warriors or Acheron mammoths (any combination). This kill count degrades over time and the improved version of the armour override reverts to the basic one if it drops below 30 - although it can always be unlocked again. Kills are counted up to 100, so you can make it last a good while if you kill enough.


Have Fun!


Another cunning enemy awaits you this week - we're looking forward to seeing you take the camel warriors down. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts over on the forums.


The RuneScape Team

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