Legacy Mode lock

Let's be real here - Legacy Mode is dull. EoC is a considerably better combat system, and locking a RUNESCAPE 3 fork in Legacy Mode is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard, especially one that has such a reliance on PvP.


EoC PvP is the most interesting and intense form of PvP the game has, especially with gear beyond 75 not scaling so hard. This keeps things at a balance where players aren't dishing out mounds of damage, and fights will extend for long enough to be interesting. With complex and rewarding interactions, and a lot more variance in fights, EoC would have been perfect for this game mode, and given it a lot of life.


But nope. Legacy Mode.


Let's have a peek at that FAQ answer shall we?


Can I just say what an awful answer that is? Old School is freaking getting Deadman Mode in a month or two, firstly, and it's not like EoC is some hyper confusing and overly complex system for the game. It's abilities on top of Autoattacks, with unique effects. "Reducing the complexity" just sounds like you have no faith in your current combat system, especially when it's at the best it's ever been.


I would have tried out Deadman Mode too, but removing the key part of what I enjoy about PvP and combat leaves me having no interest in this, and little faith in it over all.


What a mistake.

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