Jagex updated Legendary pets with BoB abilities

I've seen people talking about the legendary pets with some saying people deserve refunds, and others saying they don't deserve refunds.


Well, I took the liberty of searching for the original news post when Jagex updated Legendary pets with BoB abilities:


Original message details are unavailable.

Beast of Burden: use a beast of burden familiar pouch on your pet to grant it the according level of BoB capacity. You must have the necessary Summoning level to use the pouch, and you can use more pouches to stack or renew the duration up to 2 hours.


It does not say that it adds HP to the pet, nor does it say that it changes the Legendary pets to become attackable.


In addition, all ( or at least most) pets in game like your cat cannot be attacked. Since Jagex never said that these pets are attackable, it's logical to assume that they would function like other pets and not be attackable.


If this was a bug, then Jagex would have mentioned in one of their news posts how much HP they have or that it makes them attackable.


Since they did not do this, changing something you bought after you got it is classed as a bait and switch, or a false advertisement.


PS, no, nothing they put in their ToS allows them to do illegal things, like bait and switch or false advertisement.


Solutions ideas on next post.




Give everyone that bought a Legendary pet the option for a refund in their choice of RCs, or their original purchase method (I.E if they used a bond for RCs, they'd get a bond back, or if they bought a RC pack, they'd get money back in their original payment method).


Just giving back RCs would still count as a bait and switch because they'd be forced to purchase something else when the player might not have even purchased RCs at all without the Legendary pet storage feature.



Revert the change, and add some way ingame to make your BoB invincible to make the MTX balanced with ingame content.


Maybe some tradeable rare drop called [Familiar name] Talisman from high level bosses and/or monsters that you can use on 200 [Familiar name] pouches to make all further BoBs of that type that you summon be invincible and have no HP.

(Can't be a consumable because the MTX pets aren't consumables)


A Yak Talisman might be a rare to very rare* drop at Vorago, RotS, Raids, Araxxor, etc.


A Tortoise Talisman might be a rare to very rare* drop from GWD, Nex, QBD, etc.


And lower tiers might be rare* drops from Slayer monsters or low level bosses.


*Depending on difficulty of the creature/fight.


This could still generate some MTX revenue for Jagex, since some people might buy bonds to get the rs gold for the rare drops.


Also, a high level boss could drop multiple types of talismans, with the higher tier talismans being rarer than the other ones it drops.

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