In Darkscape is to gain experience

One of the reasons why people are engaging pvp in Darkscape is to gain experience.


When you kill another player, the experience reward is more than that when you consider fighting higher level creatures. A level 80 player could easily boast approximately 850combat/350hitpoint experience. This is also usually the case because people tend to go after bots alot more than legitimate players.


Another issue with pvp is the sense of risk. Players are too afraid to lose what they've stolen, or worked hard for and stash everything, save for a rune 2h for trying to cheaply pick off someone else.


How to combat this issue


Add a drop percentage pool to drops.


Items worth based on Darkscape gold value in the death screen will be dropped either entirely, or by a percentage of probability. 


An example:


A stash of cabbages in an inventory worth at 10g each will always be dropped upon death.


Any item worth under 50'000 Darkscape gold will be dropped 100% of the time


With every 50'000 Darkscape gold, subtract 5% from the probability of actually dropping an item that isn't within the 3 item thresh hold. If skulled, probability rules over all items in possession. The lowest probability could be about 10% minimum for items valued over 1 million Darkscape gold.


Protect item and the protect item charm protect only 1 item if skulled(no stacking), and add probability to saving the next most valuable item in the inventory. However the cooldown should be raised significantly to avoid abuse.


Items with alot of value, such as God Swords, Tier 70 ~ 99 staves, bows, and of course novelties listed in the grand exchange for a lot of Darkscape gold have a much lower probability of dropping, but are still possible to drop if skulled (Ex: 10% minimum, 5% with prayer and item charm).


Also add little tidbits to the drop table, such as pvp oriented items like corrupt dragon equipment, and rarely if item value upon kill is over a certain thresh hold; renvant equipment.

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