Illegal runescape gold farmers

So I've been noticing at a certain time every night when I go to farm some monsters for money, there's always another player there, no matter what world I go to. Seems pretty meh at first, but then I discovered they all say the same phrases telling me to hop worlds. When I refuse to hop, they suddenly insult me in either Indonesian or Sundanese. I started to realize that they were ALL acting exactly the same, even the patterns they used to fight the enemies were the same. None of them understand English, but will systematically go through certain phrases and insult you in their own language if they get irritated.


These people clearly aren't bots, but the more I've done this, the more I've come to realize that they always come online all at once at the same times, live in the same area, have the same responses, and the same person will always occupy the same world that they did the previous day.


Due to all this, I've come to realize what I'm dealing with is an Indonesian rs gold farming company. They're hiring these people to play this game and farm monsters for runescape gold and have different people assigned to different worlds, and are selling this rs gold online for real life money.


Some of you may be thinking this sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory, in which case I should inform you that this is a very common and well known practice in many eastern countries including China and Indonesia. It's well known that this problem plagues most MMOs.


As a 10 year veteran of the game and loyal follower of Armadyl, the Lord of Justice, I won't stand by this. I have made it a point to kill every monster surrounding these people before they can, forcing them to eventually give up and log out.


What do you guys think I should do? I can't technically report them since there is no evidence I can provide to get them banned. I've considered starting a team of vigilantes to hunt them down when they're active and stealing their kills.

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