I will give you my runescape idea on raiding towns and getting bonuses from it

I decided to watch the hour stream that I missed, and raiding towns as a clan was mentioned. I will give you my idea on raiding towns, and getting bonuses from it.


Cities that can be raided (based it on large cities, particular those that had walls/castle/king)


Low Level Areas:

Lumbridge - Kingdom of Misthalin

Varrock - Kingdom of Misthalin

Falador - Kingdom of Asgarnia


Medium Risk Areas:

Tree Gnome Stronghold - Kingdom of Kandarin

Ardougne - Kingdom of Kandarin

Yanille - Kingdom of Kandari*

Al Karid - Kharidian Desert


High Risk Areas:

Castle Draken - Morytania

Elf City - Tirannwn

Wilderness Volcano - Wilderness


Structure & Ideas behind it

-Add a king/boss to each town for clans to raid for rewards and engagement. (or use current NPCs if not quest related)


-Bosses spawn every 2 hours, town & kingdom control last for 6 hours unless the king/boss is killed again, and those areas give rewards. (posted next post below)


-World Announcement when a king/boss respawns, or an indicator on world map. (perhaps on the interface I mentioned in the reward section)


-I would adjust these bosses for raids of at least 20 people in low level areas, 50 people in medium/high, increase the amount of guards throughout the towns and lower their health to maybe 200,000. (tweak as needed)


-King/Boss should have perhaps 10 million health in a low area, 50 million health in medium area, and 100 million health in a high risk area (because no guards) 

--King/bosses shouldn't die in 1-2 minutes even with 100 people there, they should take at least 10 minutes or more to give another clan a chance to fight for the town.


Rewards & World Bonuses.

-A third icon should be added with the region/level area, one that indicates if you are within a town/kingdom zone to gain the bonuses.


-5% experience in that town/kingdom area. (5% bonus exp for warbands if controlling the wilderness on that server)


-1 extra item kept on death skulled or un-skulled. (this may be best to be server wide, rather than area wide to give a lot more incentive to raid a town)


- Access to a private area that has a bank booth, grand exchange booth, and valuable resources with respawn timers (clan must control the town)


--Resources should vary, such as Yew/Magic/Elder Logs, Adamant/Mithril Ores, Shark/Rocktail fishing spots, perhaps even item spawns that spawn once an hour after a king/boss dies.


--Safe training? perhaps but earned, also can be killed by other clan members still if devious enough.


--If you log out within these safe areas, you are moved outside, as each world will be controlled by different clans and will change as the king/boss dies again, so don't be inside when another clan gains access to it.


-Interface that shows which clans control the towns.


-A shop that will sell a small amount of PK items cheaper than GE the price. (cooked shark, potions etc.)


King/Boss Drop table

-5 drops for each person who dealt at least 0.5% damage to the boss (to reduce non-clan tagging)

-Because you will get 5 drops, it's actually 1 in 100 chance for a rune/dragon weapon, 1 in 1000 for some very decent PvM items, and 1 in 200,000 for a nox item.


Common: (1:1)

10 Noted Logs - chance for any

10 Noted Herbs - chance for any

10 Noted Fish - chance for any

10 Noted Ores - chance for any

10 Noted Hides - chance for any


Uncommon: (1:500)

Rune weapons (various ones)

Dragon weapons (various ones)

Rare: (1 in 5000)

Barrow Items

GWD Items

Whip/Dark Bow/Staff of Light


Very Rare: (1 in 1,000,000)

Nox weapon

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