I just returned to RS again for the millionth time

Hello! I just returned to RS again for the millionth time. I am a huge fan of the game, but there is so much always happening that pulls me away. This time, it is the Deadman mode that is turning me away from the game.


The community is already split enough. Deadman mode will devastate the current pvp activity on OSRS. I can't bother playing OSRS for the moment because the activity won't be there on release of Deadman.


Jagex, why do you consistently divide a community of players up?


One big happy family to an EOC update out of nowhere that made half the community quit. OSRS released and many players returned. However, a non-decisive pvp system, tournament worlds, dark*cape, and soon deadman, are drawing and splitting away from that portion of the community.


Ironman mode was possibly the only good idea from the management team in a long time. It gave players another way to play the game, but still kept them in the current community/realm of play.


The rest of the updates are bringing our once united Runescape, that we all loved just how it was, into little segments and variations of games. Sure, it wasn't perfect and we all had our suggestions about what we wanted to see change, but making individual games for each of those segments doesn't benefit anyone in the long run.


It would be better to have a pvp world than to create an entire server run on pvp and try to run them both. The old pvp system will be left abandoned. Eventually, the new system will die out as well. It just creates more problems and will leave more people questioning why they put so much trust in a management team that has left them down time and time again. These updates are essentially pulling different elements of gameplay and turning it into a specialized server of their own. "Clan world", "pvp world", "skill world".


I'm not saying Darkscape in itself could be added on like ironman was, but it is silly to venture out and create such a game as it currently stands. It took players from both the rs3 and osrs communities and placed them onto a new game entirely so to speak. Yes, it is a good idea in theory, but actually implementing it has more effects than people initially see.


It may only be a few thousand players in total, but continually diversifying the total populus of RS supporters won't end well. It may be successful, and I hope that it is, but as the "pvp intent" succeeds on darkscape, it will dwell on rs3 and osrs and so on. Silly trade-off.


Human behavior is also easy to predict. People actually do that for a living. They are not always spot on in their assessments, but they can gather a general consensus of what will occur.

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