I have invested time and effort into darkscape

Seriously, whoever developed this game had some crazy ideas, examples:


Adamant 2H: 250+ damage at 50 strength...

60 Magic stronger than Ancient Spell Book...

Yew Shortbow with adamant arrows: 250+ damage at 40 range...


I simply do not understand. How have you gone from a perfectly fine combat system (oldschool, yes I know this isn't based on that but it was the original) to this rubbish?


Someone please explain what the problems were with, what is now called, oldschool runescape? Because this legacy mode is rediculous, level 40's can 3 hit level 90s with one weapon, how did that even come about?!


Maybe it is because I never played EoC, I quit when all this stuff was introduced and started again with the return of oldschool so have never known any different. Maybe that means I am naive, so please somebody explain to me what went wrong?!


Whilst on that note, why are you now planning on removing the combat triangle? 


Why must you make things so complicated? Seriously... 




1) One Iteming:


1. a) Remove protect item in PvP. There is an instant, simple fix.

1. b) Only allow protect item in PvP if the non-protected items are worth 50K+. Simple fix.


2) Weapons:


2. a) Just revert them back to their damage dealt in oldschool, no one complained about it then. In fact it all made perfect sense, addamant 2H definitely didn't easily 3 hit a level 90 back then!


2. b) There doesn't need to be a "2. b)", the fix is simple, you messed up all of the weapons, just revert them! It must be easier and more efficient than reworking the combat triangle! I'll tell you what, range wasn't strong against melee, magic was but got destroyed by range... it all worked, someone explain to me how it didn't... I doubt you can because it did!


3) Mis-clicking:


3. a) Simply make attacking other people the last option available within banks... No need for complications.


4) Having to suicide...


4. a) WTF... Getting stuck in random locations because of danger zones....


4) Getting stuck in random locations because the available teleports are to another danger zone and you have quest items..


4. a) Simply give each danger zone a home teleport location which allows items. For example, doing monkey madness and you're on ape atoll, high risk. You can't really teleport anywhere, allow us to teleport to the mage arena with our items, make it take 30 seconds... I don't care, I'd rather wait 30 seconds than have to suicide!


5) Possible combat bug: Fighting someone, another person attacks me and all of a sudden I am being attacked by two people but can't retaliate because I am already under attack?!


5. a) Just make Med+ completely multi. Btw, this happened to me in Zanaris.

5. b) Just fix it!


6) Blisterwood weapons are no risk...


6. a) Simply make the weapon have to be imbued with 100K DS Gold worth of what ever item you want for the ability to use it PvP, no imbue required for PvM... No one really loses out here, if you have Blisterwood and complain about t70 for 100K Darkscape Gold then you are pathetic, sorry but true.. especially when its free to use PvM with my suggestion.


THERE ARE SO MANY REDICULOUS PROBLEMS, I DON'T EVER REMEMBER THERE BEING MANY ISSUES WITH THE OLDSCHOOL GAME... Waits for the inevitable, "Wait for deadman", NO... I have invested time and effort into darkscape, I enjoy darkscape, some of the mechanics are just completely stupid and need fixing and everyone is over complicating it for no reason what so ever.

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