I get it that DS had much less players than the normal Runescape

I've been playing Runescape for more than 10 years. I've created a lot of runescape accounts, I really had great times in this game. The game is pretty unique, has fantastic music. The community is nice & the help you get from Jagex when something's wrong with your account is really good. I never really felt insulted by the game/team until now. Why? Because they're closing Darkscape.


I get it that DS had much less players than the normal Runescape (let's say 2000/3000 active DS players VS + 10.000 active RS players, assuming everyone isn't playing at the same time). I understand that things are not going the way you guys expected/planned because of the lack of players. But THIS is your fault . I know that a lot of players don't dig into the idea of full PvP, many prefer the normal game over DS. But the gaming team didn't care about it at all. There was literally NO advertising, a lot of people never really heard of it. The option to play this game was hidden somewhere in the website, when it should be right under the ''Play Now'' button. This is called poor advertising, I'm pretty sure many RS players never heard (and never will) of DS. The only time I saw an advert for DS was when it was released (on RS facebook page). If Jagex wanted Darkscape to work then it should have done the obvious. Before people can play something they have to be aware that it exists. This is just sad. The situation could've been avoided.

I'm assuming the team looked at Darkscape as something that could have sucess, and not a stupid project without future.


I feel sorry that I lost hours in vain. Yeah I get a month member and while I thank you for that, but I would much rather continue to play DS. I was mid level, I really feel bad for those +100 combat lvl players. I feel insulted because me (like many other players) were pretty much used, like little guinea pigs. Don't ever do this again to us Jagex.


With all this, I still have a lot of respect for Jagex & the team - and I honestly hope you read this - but closing Darkscape like that really made me feel down. A lot of players feel like this too.

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