Guide for Bot-Busting Darkscape

This is my guide for Bot-Busting Darkscape which also reveals several ways to start up cash for noob accounts with little effort. I explore different areas and provide info that you can use for your adventures. The barricade update…best update ever. The 1st tier is what I used and is available at level 15 Fletching using a log and a rope. They can also be bought from vendors in Varrock or the GE.


I used a Level 5 Ranger for everything except the Airs, using basic training gear. So if you enjoy killing bots come on and have fun or just make some starting cash. Enjoy.

Note the level restrictions in safe areas and turn off your PVP XP on your low level account (Escape>Game Settings>etc) to avoid leveling the pure and having to make tons of accounts. Reset your respawn (Escape>Game Settings>etc) to whatever location you are working in to avoid long walks.



Location_(Level Range)

Loot: X



Part 1

Bot-Busting Level 3 and Low Level Bots with Low Level Pures in the Safe Zone


Draynor Willows_(13-15)

Loot: Willows and Anchovies/Shrimp.

Place a barricade on the outside wall of the bank. You can bank while skulled if you’re careful. Close respawn. Use rooms to hide in.

NE Lumbridge Clay Mine_ (10-11)

Loot: Clay.

Use the nearby Wind Mill to safely log and hide. There is a guard that patrols the area. There is a nearby bank chest. You may want to hit the bot a couple of times to soften them up and finish them off when they run for the bank. Hop worlds and repeat.

Fallador Mining Guild_(3)

Loot: Coal and Possible other items

Place a barricade flush with the inside wall of the guild to avoid any chance of alerting a guard. Guards are on patrol, but if you are inside of the courtyard in the mining guild you’re safe and the respawn is nearby.


Rimmington Mine_(8-15 from Bank)

Loot: Iron.

You can bank if you are careful at the clan camp. There are plenty of areas to hide as well. I stay on the south east side around all the obstacles (hill,trees, and rocks)and range/mage attack. You can use a barricade to block the path to the bank and then nail them, assuring a full inventory of iron. This will block returning bots too.

SE_Varrock Mine_(8-9)

Loot: Iron. 

Place a barricade at the road near the gate. Guard free zone unless someone lures.

W_Varrock Airs_(9-10)

Loot: Airs x level of RCer.

Place a barricade inside the altar at the portal area. Some of these guys are somewhat alert so treat as a live player and you may want to use more than one barricade and or bind .

W_Varrock Fishing_(11)

Loot: Salmon , trout and feathers.

Stand across stream and snipe and bind. Watch for guards near roads when retrieving go¬ods.

Varrock Essense Mine_(4-5)

Loot: Essense and Pure Essense. Occasionally a bot will skull with barricades. 

Use a barricade just outside the door and towards their route. Hide out in nearby rooms and pickpocket while losing skull. Guards patrol but the respawn is close.

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