Future Clan Wars Update Ideas - Similar to Darkscape Wilderness

Clan wars has always been my favorite mini-game, but recently purple portal has become almost completely inactive. I have some ideas on how to spice it up if there is ever a future game update. Bumps and feedback appreciated!


New Maps


The idea here is to add new strategy to the fight that has not been there before. The old maps will still exist for those nostalgic players.


1) The Keep

This map has a huge fortress on one side and an empty battlefield on the other. Teams will start on either side of the fortress. They will have to decide: overrun the fortress, or take the fight to the battlefield. The choice is yours!


2) Map with Portals

This map would take place in a large area similar to Turrets. There may be hills/ trees/ towers/ ect. This difference is that in each corner (and maybe in the center) are portals that all connect to one another. When a player enters a portal, they will appear outside of a different portal (this could be a set portal or random, perhaps the option could be toggled on or off through the menu). The strategy would be different on this map because a team could use a portal to teleport behind enemy lines. Also, one team could wait by a portal and attack anyone that comes through it.


3) Map with Underground

Similar to castle wars, this map would have an underground tunnel system that leads to different ladders around the map. Again, a team could use this to flank the enemy or put up a line of defense in the tunnels. Alternatively, the map could be JUST an underground system without above access. The teams would have to find their way through the tunnel to find the enemy. (Maybe the map could be blacked out or the player view is much smaller because of the poor lighting, that would change the strategies quite a bit.)


New Options


Again, the idea here is to create new strategies. These options can be toggled ON or OFF in the Challenge Menu, so the player can always play clan wars the original way if they want.


1) Blacked Out Map

This would allow the player to turn the minimap on or off. When it is off, it would be similar to Darkscape Wilderness. Teams will have to watch their back so they aren't taken by surprise!


2) Increase Damage/ Run Speed

This option would allow you to increase overall Damage and/or Run Speed by 50%, 100%, or 200%. Increased Damage would provide a new strategy for tanks, who will need to avoid much higher hits. The Run Speed would be helpful for snipers who want to move around the map very quickly.


3) Fog

Increase the fog so that players can only see a couple spaces in any direction. Combine with blacked out map and increased run speed to make a very interesting battle!


4) Portals

See the section under maps. This does not need to be its own map, this could just be an option for already existing maps. Another option might be "random" teleport or "designated" teleport. This would allow you to decide if the portals teleport to random places on the map, or specific locations.


New Options Continued


5) Time Until War Starts

For small wars, the current 2 minutes is too long. This is why people go to Free For All; they want instant action. For large wars, 2 minutes might be too short for everyone to switch worlds and purchase gear. The new options should allow for 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 5 minutes between the challenge and the actual gates opening.


6) 1 vs 1 and Multi

Allow players to decide between 1 vs 1, multi, or a combination for all the different maps.


Other Ideas


These ideas do not have to do with the maps or options of clan wars. However, they may make clan wars more fun and/or more compatible.


1) On Screen Timer

Each player in the friends chat will have a small timer on screen to show the time until the next war starts. This would make it so people don't have to constantly ask about how much time is left.


Player Submitted: Options


Post your ideas and I will put the best ones on this list! I will add your username so you get credit.


1) Legacy / EOC Toggle - Steelo (Thank you Boxerpup for the edit.)

Make it so Legacy and EOC can be turned on or off. Challengers can choose which style they would like the use (EOC, Legacy, or both). This way players will not have to hop between different worlds to choose a style.


Other Ideas


1) Clan Wars Milestones - Indigo Ink

Completed 1k, 5k, 10k wars? Killed over 10k, 50k Darkscape gold other players? We need some sort of compensation! Maybe a Clan Wars cape and hood (or a hat/ unique customization/ ect.), only for the best of the best!


2) Switch the world from W80 to W141 (F2P) - Indigo Ink

W80 has very little activity. In fact, the majority of clan wars happens in W3. A large reason that clan wars is inactive in f2p is because new players go to W80 and see that it is dead, and then they give up. W141 used to be very active, maybe a world switch would encourage more players to use the designated world.

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