Discuss future lore implications of Mazcab's Strange Glowing Orb

What is the strange glowing orb?


For those unacquainted, the Strange Glowing Orb was an easter egg added with the release of Mazcab and Raids that went unsolved for six months. After six months of tirelessly searching, a player by the name of Regal Cake discovered how to use the orb. With it's discovery, a number of new dialogues were revealed which proved to be very interesting in regards to lore. The original purpose of this orb was to discover how to solve the orb, but in light of recent events it is being re-purposed to act as a place for speculation about the implications, purpose, and future uses of the Strange Glowing orb.


How to obtain the strange glowing orb

In order to obtain the current incarnation of the strange glowing orb, follow these steps:

1. Give an random number of limestone bricks to the goebie named Bricks until a "trinket" item is received.

2. Give this trinket item to the goebie named Trinks in exchange for the green version of the strange glowing orb.

3. At this point, take the orb to the Ancient Statue and use it directly on it.

4. Within 2 minutes after completing step 3, use the orb on the Blood runecrafting Altar.Now you should receive the red version of the strange glowing orb.

5. Return to the ancient statue with the red strange glowing orb, and use the orb directly on the statue again. The orb given after this step which has a "Listen to..." option is the final version.


Players who are interested in learning about the potential dialogue whispered by the orb on their own are advised to first complete the steps above before reading further, so as to avoid spoilers. Due to the nature of speculation, there may also be spoilers related to other ingame content too.


Dialogue given by the orb when initially using it on the statue, after turning it red:


???: I see you.

???: Everything you've done.

???: Everything you are...

???: You are nothing compared to me...

???: This world... This weak world still shakes with my influence even years later...

???: You do not know the power I've awoken...

Player: Who are you?

As you speak the orb glows more intense and begins to hurt.

???: I am the wind that whips at your skin.

???: I am the earth that will claim your bones.

Player: I.. I don't understand.

???: You wouldn't.

???: Be still [Your username here].

???: Pain...

???: Fear...

Player: Let me go!

???: I can feel it coursing through you.


As the last words pierce your ears, you feel the orb go ice cold.


Dialogue given by the orb when "listening" to it:


After the above dialogue is heard, the following can be heard with further uses of the "Listen to..." function:


???: Be still player.

???: You are... Unworthy...

???: It does not end here.

???: Do you not see it? Do you not see me?

???: Return to where it all began...

???: What a strange creature you are... so fragile...

Note that unlike the text created when using the red orb directly on the statue for the first time, these dialogues are each said separately with each time you "Listen to..." the orb.


A final line of text is produced when the orb's "Listen to..." function is used with any runestone in your inventory, which is as follows; ???: I wonder... How do those work?

The orb feels colder than usual.


What do we know already?

This is subject to change when/if more information comes forward.


The following 2 points have been confirmed by Mod Ramen:

1. The orb has no further use currently, and will likely not see a further use until the expansion of Raids is added.


2.The Orb is NOT related to the Airut Shaman (for those unfamiliar this airut is not currently in game and is meant to be the one who corrupted Yakamaru).


-The ??? character has not been to Gielinor since Guthix's arrival as it apparently has no knowledge of runestones.


Popular theories about who or what the "???" character is

Note that these theories are not necessarily independent from one another, and that any 2 of them could likely be related. The evidence listed for each are all player submitted, with proper credit given to those who came up with the particular bit of evidence. I did not feel it appropriate to cite any one overarching idea to a single person as many people have come up with these same ideas. Please do reply with which theory you support, why, and with any evidence of your own. For those who have told me any of these ideas with evidence in game, unfortunately I do not want to inappropriately cite anyone and my memory is mostly terrible so I would appreciate it if you could re-post any supporting evidence you have on this thread. Un-credited evidence was added by me (besides the overarching ideas, which were suggested by various players).


Another Elder God (whether deceased or formless)


-Mazcab had notable problems with anima flow even prior to the arrival of Tuska.


-Zaros states that there were initially more than the five surviving elder gods who died due to insufficient amounts of Anima in the planets they created, so an elder god could have died on Mazcab due to insufficent anima.


-The being which possesses the orb seems to think itself as being superior to the player, which is a concise description of an elder god. [Hguoh]


-The being which possesses the orb seemingly has no form but is present in some way [Hguoh]



-An Elder God probably wouldn't brag about a seemingly "weak" world shaking with its influence years later, especially one that died due to lack of anima on a plane they created. (Baxtorian)


-An Elder God wouldn't have to have awoken any power as they are the supreme source of power known of in the universe. (Baxtorian)


Tuska's 'Soul'


-Tuska did damage Mazcab many years prior to her arrival toward Gielinor and is known to have damaged the planets flow of anima. (Hguoh)


-Tuska never went to Gielinor prior to her death and as such would have no experience with runestones. (Hguoh)



-We know that something damaged Mazcab's anima prior to the arrival of Tuska and that the beast only acted as a catalyst to the problems that it was already experiencing.


-There was no evidence to suggest that Tuska had a developed consciousness, such as the one displayed by the orb. (Hguoh)


-Tuska died near Gielinor, not Mazcab.


A Vampyre Related NPC


-The orb was released a few months before the release of The Lords of Vampyrium, so thinking like a Jagex developer this could mean that we as players were meant to make the connection easily. (Lyrehca)


-The orb was activated using the Blood altar and refers to itself as being superior to humans, which is a character trait typical of the elite Vampyres we have made contact with. (Lyrehca)



-There is no evidence to suggest that the vampyres have been to Mazcab.


A manifestation of Mazcab's Anima Mundi


-We know that this is already possible (on a seemingly smaller scale) due to the fact that Mazcab's spirit guardians are manifestations of some of the Anima of Mazcab.

-The link with Mazcab's elements suggested in the text could possibly be because it is quite literally those elements. (HGuoh) 

-The apparent curiosity with runestones could be explained by the fact that runestones are said to be related to anima by Wen*ra in the quest "Heart of Stone". (HGuoh)



-Anima, which has been present on Mazcab for presumably since it existed, should probably not state that its influence is felt years later when it has been present the entire time.

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