Darkscape is meant to be a brutal game where you kill people

Darkscape is meant to be a brutal game where you kill people, get fat lewt, and win. However as time has progressed, I've lost the element of fun. I think guards existing are to blame.


Lets take a step back and look at the major changes that have been made.


1) No more 1 itemers suicide into guarded areas [failed]


2) buffing guards so they're not useless at times [failed] 


3) Adding new guards in areas and even completely moving areas to make safe transactions [failed]


I could go on why the 3 have failed but if you've played the game and pay attention to mechanics I wont need to. The problem is, banks/GEs are an untapped darkscape gold mine that draws people in for many different reasons, trolling, potential fat lewt, or just keeping the spirit of Darkscape by killing any and everyone.

What this game needs is to have guards flat out removed. Now that might sound crazy, but think about it for a moment. When you kill someone in a farming spot that has a bank near by, the most logical thing to do at that point is log out. Why? Respawning is super generous and 8 out of 10 times the person you killed runs back and takes advantage of the fact you're skulled and really cant move the loot you stole for 5 minutes, and they can keep suiciding into you until they get their stuff back. You cant go to the bank due to guards being there either.


They need to buff player houses to have a GE and bank that can be moderately easy to obtain, and they can do away with the 3 GE system and the 3 banks system. Now I like the 3 bank system, it makes for fun game play but I'm sure Darkscape devs have looked at the stats of the other 3 GE's, I'd be surprised if any of them other than the green GE has been touched. When I kill someone, I want to be able to bank their loot. When I go to a bank I dont want to see 10+ people afk banking due to it being safe. This game should be about fear and death. Instead its about safe spots that will be exploited due to potential.

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