Darkscape is a fun PvP game

Darkscape is a fun PvP game, and I understand the concept is: Survival. But, thus far, Survival is a joke. You can't step more than 30 feet away from a bank before some 2-H PK'er just runs from nowhere and boom. Lost everything. Now, many will argue this is the point of the game. Maybe it is. Maybe I'm just playing this all wrong. But, hear me out!


Quest Items


Seriosuly, I should not have to repeat getting Fine Flour for Cooks Assistant 15 times. Yes. 15! All because one single 2-H PK'er repeatedly stood waiting inside the mill. After world hopping, another PK'er did the same. Please, PLEASE, add some kind of protection to these runescape items, or at least have them stay on the floor upon death.

1 Itemers and Spawns


Yes, we know them, and we love to hate them. Now, I'm not against them using the single Adamant 2-H, even though it's basically us die, they XP. But, when they abuse the respawn for XP, that just loses respect. Yes, hunt us down and kill us. But do it with at least some challenge. Repeatedly killing someone who can't bank/grab weapons, well that just isn't fair. And why should they repeatedly gain XP for a kill that a Level 2 cow could make? Now this isn't a Safe Spot request, but, could we get some kind of respawn cool off? Like, death will make you invincible for 15 seconds, to give a chance to regroup and restock.


Teleporting and Items


Oh yes, the teleportation. Now, this one baffles me. I understand the no teleporting to higher/lower risk areas. But, why not allow home teleport to same risk areas, if you allow regular teleports to do it? There is no difference. Both teleports require time to activate, there is no real advantage to either teleport. It's strange as to why Home Teleport is locked, yet Tablets/Rune Teleports are allowed.


We need change! This game is great, but these flaws are really placing negative views. I don't want this game easier, but at least let us have a chance to survive!

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