combat: my DarkScape feedback and ideas

Combat Triangle

several are against taking the combat triangle, others like the idea. me. a little bit of both. i like the idea of making each class having a different playing style. i have a bit of a different idea. an idea that i had before eoc was in development, but never said anything.


melee - High protection armor, high damage at close range

range - medium protection armor, high damage at long range, low damage when up close (melee range)

Mage - low protection armor, medium damage, able to control opponent and keep distance using spells


melees high armor allows it to get up close wile taking little damage when reaching rangers

mages with combat spells being able to have abilities to keep melee players away, are able to beat melee without getting hit as much

rangers are able to hit mages at a far distance. rangers also get about 50% damage reduction when fighting againts melee at melee range.



the idea of having bonuses to different armor sets based on how many peaces you wear, is, a pretty good idea. theres a few things i would like to add to it that would make things interesting for game play.


-armor classes: instead of having the armor class completely based on the type, make it to where there is some flexibility of choosing. ex


Plate: (plate armor, legs, full helm) very high protection, great for tanking, low protection to fire and crush

Mail: (chainmail and skirt, med helm) high protection, good tank, low protection to stab, arrows, and fire

leather: medium protection, great againts mage attacks, some protection againts melee, but not alot.

Cloth: low protection, gives mages bonuses to spells that have effects and increase damage.


-armor defense values: instead of sticking with 1 base armor value for all the armors for every class like it is now, go back the values of old runescape but add more. have different armor values for every different type of attack. (ex, melee: stab, slash. range: arrow, bolt. mage: air, fire ex) this gives a wide range of choices of what armors can be weak to what type of attack, wile being stronger to another.


-protection value over adding to skill: instead of adding the defense value of the armor to the skill, base the armor based on damage protection against certain attacks. armor can add to defense a little bit, but not very much. 


-Shields: unlike armor, which gives mainly protection damage again** attacks, shield give a small amount of protection damage to the player, in return, it gives a large defense value to the defense skill. this should be big enough to show that the defender is seeing more 0s than getting damage.


-defense skill: make the defense skill more useful, even when not wearing any defensive equipment. its annoying when you have high defense, but unable to block anything.



instead of having every weapon based on individual weapons, based there style of attack based on there weapon types. for example, my idea would look like this:



-stab: very fast, low damage, very accurate.

-slash: fast, medium damage, may attack multiple, adds a little defense against melee attacks

-crush: average speed (maybe a little slow), high damage, adds to pray bonus.



-bows: average speed, long range, high damage, about 50% damage reduction in melee range, or againts melee, or both

-crossbows: slow, medium range, high damage, about 50% damage reduction against melee range

-throw: fast, short range, low damage, about 15 to 25% damage reduction to melee range.



Air: very low damage, chance to push opponents away

Water: low damage, chance to stops person from running

Earth: low damage, chance to stop person

fire: high damage, pure damage


attack value

please dont make the attack values so high that the defense skill is useless. try to balance it where people that have no armor have some chance of blocking. my idea is to have the weapons give a small attack value to the attack skill, but not too much.



instead of having a base weapon damage like before, have a multiplier that is applied to the strength skill, this way, damage is completely based on the skill and not entirly on the weapon.


class nerf:

allow people to wear any armor with any class without any kinds of nerf or negative effects. this allows for a great flexibility of combinations for players to choose from.

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