Blighted lands for Old Armour

It is possible to obtain a kit with which to gild Dragon armour. As well, from Treasure Trails, one can get heraldic rune armour. And there's even the Blurite sword which members can now smith. As well, Initiate and Proselyte armour display an runescape achievement on the part of the player.


But as players go up in level, all such armour and weapons get put aside. The highest non-degradeable runescape items are Tier 70, so armour and weapons of that level does continue to get use as players progress further.


One way to deal with this would be to give players some way to upgrade Dragon armour to Tier 70 while retaining its decorated status. This, however, could affect game balance, or be too complicated.


What I am suggesting is another way to keep such runescape items useful. A new continent could be added to Glienor where, due to some ancient magical spells, players' levels in most combat stats are depressed, limiting the armour they can wear and the weapons they can wield.


As one ventures deeper into the continent, stats are depressed more; by 10, 20, 30, or 40 levels, and/or to a ceiling of Tier 60 or Tier 50.

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I thought it would be worth changing their rs drop table

Rune items - Same drop table as Edimmu for the runescape items, but with a rare chance of dropping (these guys have a lower slayer req than abby demons so should be slightly rarer drop chance to abby demons).


Some needed The RuneScape Warbands history

After alot of thought I think an runescape item req'd for Warbands, similar to the Demonic Skull should added. This runescape item I'll refer to as the "Mark of Treachery".


About the runescape combat system

Sure there is training involved, but beyond that, what DarkScape is lacking that I really believed it would offer, is the ability for my sword to shape the world.


Thanks Runescape I am mostly having a very enjoyable experience playing darkscape

they can now basicly make my life hell. following me to banks and stores, attacking me when i bank or shop so i will either lose my runescape items or simply lose access to the bank/store.

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