All Skills Can Affect PvP

Let's ignore the obvious 8 that contribute to combat level as they are already combat skills (Attack, Strength/Power, Defence, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Constitution, and Summoning).


Runecrafting: Save runes in PvP occasionally, chance grows with level


Dungeoneering: Create a 60 floor dungeon with static layouts that everyone may enter, with all their gear (no dg gear) bosses ranging in combat level to the level required to unlock them, and PvP being enabled in a High Risk zone


Agility: Run faster with higher agility (1x = walking speed) maybe 1.5x at 1 Agility and 3x at 99, to outrun your pursuers easier


Herblore: Overloads


Thieving: Loot corpses of players within 5 thieving levels of yours whom you did not kill. (Corpse would have to be quickly looted by the killer in case of thief)


Crafting: *NEW ITEM* Untradable "Stealth Cloak" which conceals you on the minimap but degrades to dust


Fletching: Save arrows in PvP occasionally, chance grows with level


Slayer: Have players be a new Slayer Task


Hunter: Bonus damage = level on a player if you get first strike (Extra 99 damage at max to reward you for hunting them)


Divination: Siphon souls from the corpses of players you killed to create items such as portents and signs


Mining: Damage with a pickaxe ignores melee armour of same tier and lower (Add new tiers of pickaxes). Cannot wield without Mining level aswell as Attack level


Smithing: Killing a player with armour yields "Scrap Metal" which can be used to upgrade damage on your weapons for a limited time. Amount of damage depends on level


Fishing: Casting a fishing rod in the middle of a fight distracts your opponent (They turn around and stop auto attacking for one attack, but you miss that attack too). Good for team rushes


Cooking: Player Meat can be looted from corpses and heals more depending on your level. (***radable/99 is best food in game)


Firemaking: Fires damage other players if they stand on top of them (does not skull you, small damage)


Woodcutting: Damage with a hatchet ignores magic armour of same tier and lower (Add new tiers of hatchets) Cannot wield without Woodcutting level aswell as Attack level


Farming: Plant roots to trip players (anywhere) making escaping easier (takes no time to deploy)

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