Accidentally banned Runescape account

So I had created a Old-School Runescape account a of couple years back, just for the nostalgic feels of playing Runescape the way I remember it as. I would play it every now and then, just to see whats going on. So after a few months of not playing, I decided to open the game up and check it out again. To my surprise, apparently that account had been banned for botting. (In which I can say I did not use) With no way to appeal (which I can only gather that because it must of been banned months ago) I had no way to log in. 

What annoys me is that I was given no email warning or anything that my account was banned. 


The only reason I can assume that my account was flagged as botting was that I wasn't very social when online. I prefer to do my own thing, and play it mostly as a single player game (which should be fair enough, you should be able to play the game the way you want to)

From this, I had alot of low levels come up to me asking me annoying questions, and I would just ignore them and do my own thing. After a few minutes they would give up asking and call me "a bot" and say that they are "reporting" me.


Can this really be taken in consideration as being a bot? Just by not talking ingame? Surely not? I did remove the authentication code on that account, as I only logged in every now and then, and wasnt very active. But I highly would doubt my account got hacked, as I never shared any information about that account.


Whatever the reason that happened, I am wanting to start a new account, and while I have no intention of botting, I am worried that I will get flagged again for this reason. Now I know Jagex has been waging a war on bots, but how can I get banned with no evidence or no notification of it? Any help to avoid this?


An enthusiastic friends give me the answer:


Well, rest assured Jagex doesn't place the hefty macroing fine on any account unless they're certain that the account is using macroing technology (i.e. botting, auto clicking, etc). There are very, very few cases as of late that are overturned by an appeal, and Jagex has seen it all from "my account was hacked" to "I didn't do it". I highly doubt you didn't bot on your account, however, even if I give you the benefit of the doubt, you're still responsible for your account at all times.


Also, in this day and age of RuneScape having any account security issues is a little ridiculous since Jagex has developed and offered many solid fail safes to make sure your account as a whole is protected from malicious individuals. The Authenticator will definitely keep away the bad guys and ensure your account is stable even if someone unknown acquires your ********.


All this being said, you still may have a chance to reverse the ban with an appeal via email to customer support justifying your case as to why the ban should be squashed. Remember to be as in depth as possible to give you greater chances of succeeding in a successful appeal.


I wish you the best of luck with your appeal, and hopefully all which is right will be rectified.

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