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So many people are upset with so many aspects of the DarkScape game-play. I'm not here to be a debbie downer or a negative nancy, I'm here for my suggestions and for good solid feedback of the game to try and help shape it into what I think it should be.


DarkScape is so young, like a delinquent teen that really doesn't know it's place in the world. It really makes sense that the economy, populations, and combat systems never seem to satisfy people, because normally they are just random experiments in a harsh world where it's just whatever happens, happens. Sure there is training involved, but beyond that, what DarkScape is lacking that I really believed it would offer, is the ability for my sword to shape the world.


I own a PoK (player-owned kingdom) in DarkScape called the Kingdom of Gielinor that functions to work as a real Kingdom would have worked in the middle ages. I used to do it all the time on W42 roleplay but I was always *slash* and *dodge* 'ing my way to shape the community. I came back to DarkScape to slash and dodge with the real gameplay and create a community that would actually make an impact on the game.


I was utterly disappointed. Despite the amazing amount of help and interest I have gotten in the 3 weeks of my Kingdom's existence, DarkScape's supposedly clan-oriented gameplay limits the goals of my clan and so many desires of those in the community, and makes other clans that are social, normally used for minigames in RS2 or 3, useless. So, I'm here to explain what I think the actual purpose and place DarkScape has in the world of RuneScape variants.


DarkScape is meant to be a bloodbath, the more you shelter low levels, the more the world will suffer. If you want DarkScape to be clan-oriented, stop sheltering the level 3's on your own Jagex, and let clans protect them instead. If you protect them, you put in game mechanics that limit everyone, not just them. In the real world, we are protected by the military of our countries. Take this military away and we quickly become bombarded with terrorists and militants. It should be the same way in DarkScape. So many of the problems with the economy come from balancing gameplay mechanics that cater toward runescape items for lone wolf players versus clan type or low-level players.


So let's cut to the chase here, what am I suggesting? A real gameplay. Everything from the borders of lumbridge and beyond, is High-Risk. Wanna train in lumbridge in low-risk, that's awesome, get your stats up and train with your friends, form a clan, or join one that's already established, but when you cross that line you had better be ready, either a lone wolf level 138 or a big and organized group that is ready to defend themselves. With this, so many things are fixed. Skulling, who cares in High-Risk? It's all High-Risk? Guards won't attack you. Be a lone-wolf and kill people and you'll quickly be discouraged because of being skulled and having to constantly defend yourself, but put yourself in a group of people, now you're cooking....


Also, I'm going to list some of the benefits of my idea...


You know how everyone is wanting this "Clan Influence" crap? I owned a Player-Owned Kingdom, and I think that's a terrible idea. If you allow a gameplay mechanic to limit the raw PvP, you're going to have 138's teaming up to conquer everything and you will literally never be able to even use the mechanic. My idea solves that. If you want influence, create a system, create a clan, create a community, sharpen your darn swords and influence the world. Take it by storm and do it with your own HP and lobsters. Let's stop hiding.


Banking can work the exact same way it does now, people will be ranting that training and all that will be ruined, but it won't. I two item all the time at deadly red spiders with a rune chainbody and a rune longsword with an inventory full of lobsters. Great XP and it works just fine whether it's high risk or not.


Also, instead of focusing on sheer numbers and stats of items, make the content development focus on the war between lone wolves and clans. This would be literally awesome. New gadgets, for example, barricades are universal helpers but mostly for groups that can be safe behind barricades, make things like clan deployables, bring back those satchels from Void Knight Outpost that could heal other players and have medics, there's so many gameplay items that could be introduced, I'm just throwing out random things in my mind, but you get the gist. The development isn't about balancing a broken system, it's waging war between clans and lone wolves.


This literally creates the purpose of DarkScape, not a sheltered and crappy gameplay where you have to use mechanics to get kills or have some sort of impact, a game where you and your friends can build something to rule the world. It's Raw, it's Brutal, it's Bloody. It's freaking DarkScape guys. Let's do it.

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Thanks Runescape I am mostly having a very enjoyable experience playing darkscape

they can now basicly make my life hell. following me to banks and stores, attacking me when i bank or shop so i will either lose my runescape items or simply lose access to the bank/store.

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