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i'm currently lvl 72 in thieving and I am finding it very hard to train it. Can anyone suggest me a good training method please?



The fastest method at your level is to pickpocket monkey knife fighters at ape atoll. It's extremely click intensive but at 99 it can provide a considerable amount of experience (300k+DarkScape Gold) and at your level will provide something closer to 150k/*. They require partial completion of the do no evil quest.

You could also do coshing at the thieves guild which can relay up to 130k/h at your level but is also quite click intensive as well and not as good experience/h as monkey knife fighters.


In terms of efficiency (only if you'd like to do thieving past 99), doing pyramid plunder will be your best bet up to 90-ish thieving. The experience rates at pp vary between 100k/h at 71 and up to 220k/h to 90. The reason you should do pyramid plunder is for the pieces of the black ibis outfit. Each piece gives a 1% thieving experience boost and a 5% total experience boost for the set. That 5% experience boost (assuming you have it for the entirety of 0-200m exp which you won't but hypothetically) will save you an extra 10m exp you would have needed to get otherwise. The pieces are quite rare and I doubt you'll see very many but I suggest you do pyramid plunder for a couple of pieces at least for a small amount of time saved doing thieving. Other than that, just continue doing monkey knife fighters or coshing; either are decent.


If you want to further increase your thieving experience/h I suggest using the trahaearn exoskeleton (when you unlock prifdinnas), ardougne cloak 3 or 4 (you'll probably be able to get the 3 version) and using an abyssal lurker familiar and its special attack scrolls. They'll each individually boost your experience with thieving bonuses.

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